Melbourne: A Paradise of Culinary Delights

Consider yourself a connoisseur of fine foods? Melbourne, perhaps more than any other Australian city, offers an array of food options that is unrivaled. Between the cafes, restaurants, and increasingly – pop-up vans, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re after, no matter what it is.

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If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne and food is high on the agenda, here’s a take on what makes Melbourne such a hub for dining.

A quick history lesson

The taste and appreciation for good food are bred in Australians, with original settlers fast establishing an interest in Anglo-Celtic recipes. As cultures from Mediterranean and Asian regions migrated, a wide range of new tastes - sophisticated and delicate - began to spread, it wasn’t before too long that cuisine from China, Greece, Germany, Lebanon, Thailand, Italy, Vietnam, and beyond started having a tremendous impact.

Fast forward to today, and the historical link to food is still running strong in kitchens across Melbourne. Whether it be the big and robust tastes, or delicate and sophisticated, Australia’s heritage is locked into the culinary fabric that’s served up on thousands of tables each day.

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Seafood Heaven

Seafood is everywhere, a popular ingredient in most homes and restaurants. The famous ‘Throw another shrimp on the Barbie’ didn’t come out of thin air. The Australian shrimp industry is small but known for its quality. They have a reputation for producing and distributing the best shrimp which are exported to every corner of the world. The clean ocean provides the highest quality lobsters, prawns, tuna, abalone, and more, making seafood a huge part of the food culture here. You can taste this quality produce anywhere, be it some fish and chips shop on the street or a pan-fried barramundi in one of Melbourne’s outstanding seafood restaurants.

Lazy breakfast

If a good sleep-in is your thing, there are more cafes than not that cater to those who enjoy the luxury of a late breakfast. Brunch – for some, is not just an occasional treat, but a way of life, and this is pretty obvious by the number of eateries that keep the breakfast menu going right through the day (and sometimes, beyond!).

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Notable mentions for breakfasts:

  • Don Vincenzo, Fitzroy. They possibly have the best Salmon Florentine known to man. Big call, but we dare you to prove us wrong!
  • Three Bags Full, Abbotsford. This hugely popular eating joint fills up quickly and often has you waiting outside for your name to be called just to get a seat, but this is for good reason – they rule the roost! This quirky place is divided into three main sections: a large modern and vibey space that leads into a more intimate bridging room that finally opens up into an amazing bustling space, complete with interesting industrial decor and a large communal table made from a reclaimed bowling alley.

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Coffee, of course

If there’s one thing Melbourne does well, it’s coffee. There are too many places to mention here, and the fact is there’s good coffee everywhere you go. A good starting point is the breakfast paces already mentioned, as they all make fantastic coffee.

Melbourne is one stunning and diverse city. It’s a brilliant place to live, but also there’s plenty on offer for those wanting a great weekend experience. Pack your bags and get ready to indulge the senses!

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