Packing Tips By Destination

Have you ever been on vacation somewhere particularly beautiful or unique and wished you had just that one extra thing or forgotten item to make it perfect? If so, you're just like everybody else! It's hard to know exactly what to pack for different vacations, so here are a few packing tips for specific destinations around the world.

The Caribbean An E-Reader - The Caribbean is full of breathtaking destinations, but in terms of day-to-day activity, vacations here are full of downtime. For that reason, consider heading to Barnes and Noble to pick up a Nook e-reader to enjoy on the beach!

A Day Bag - You'll probably want to spend whole days outside, lounging on beaches or exploring island towns. For this reason, a day bag is well worth including.

Major CitiesSunscreen - You think of this for a beach trip, but for cities, it often goes overlooked. The truth is, however, it's very easy to get sunburned in a city, and this can ruin a trip.

Contacts - While contacts are ideal for traveling, It is not a bad idea to prepare for the city's sights, as well as the dirty air that can irritate your eyes. Reading up on handy traveling tips before packing can help secure a vacation filled with memories and clear sightseeing.

Alps & Colorado Rockies

Sunglasses - For a ski trip, sunglasses can be incredibly valuable. You may wear goggles on the slopes, but when you're lounging and the sun is glaring off the snow-capped mountains, you'll be glad you brought shades.

A Bathing Suit - If your hotel includes a pool or hot tub, you'll love having a bathing suit. Nothing beats a heated outdoor hot tub on the side of the slopes!

Summer Mountain Ranges

Binoculars - This one is self-explanatory, but binoculars are easy to forget. Capitalize on the gorgeous sights of an outdoor summer trip.

Hiking Boots - You won't be comfortable in just your athletic shoes. Make the effort to find some hiking boots that allow you to really explore the terrain.

Mediterranean Towns

Formal Attire - These towns - in the French Riviera, the Greek isles, etc. - may seem relaxed, but they're also jam-packed with luxurious spots where you'll want to show off your best attire. A trip to Men's Wearhouse before a trip to the Mediterranean isn't out of order.

An Umbrella - In the spirit of luxury and relaxation, an umbrella for either shade or cool can be a nice accessory to have along. You may just enjoy a beautiful seaside café even more.

On Safari

A Camera - Seems obvious, right? Not so fast! With smartphones taking over photography these days, many of us forget that actual digital camera still take the best pictures. Bring along a camera to capture the incredible visuals you might see.

Bug Spray - Another item that's an obvious accessory, but one that's so easy to forget. Depending on your specific destination, it may be hard to find the right bug spray once you're there, so be sure to pack this in advance to guarantee comfort.

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