How to Book a Cruise for Less

Cruises might conjure ideas of tuxedos and ball gowns, lobster for dinner, and exotic, far-flung destinations, but this type of break has undergone a transformation, meaning that cruises are no longer restricted to the luxury market where you’re required to have a huge budget.

More travel specialists are now offering affordable cruising options, with Cruise Kings promoting some particularly eye-catching deals, meaning that this type of break might no longer be out of reach for those looking to tighten the purse strings. Make sure you don’t rule out this option when you are looking for a fantastic holiday for less.


The destinations that a cruise liner visits will have a significant impact on the price of a trip, so thinking carefully about where to go could help you to seriously cut the cost. As a general rule, just as with flights, the further the locations, the more expensive the vacation is likely to be.

Travelers on a budget might therefore consider taking a cruise around the British Isles. This puts a luxurious and exciting slant on the traditional staycation, allowing you to visit a range of interesting locations and top attractions without the need to tackle the traffic on congested roads.

Cruising around the British Isles is a fantastic option for local families with young children, eliminating much of the stress associated with air travel and preventing the restlessness that families can experience when staying in one place for too long.

Holidaymakers wishing to travel further afield should consider Western Europe – this is usually cheaper than going to the likes of the Caribbean, yet still allows you to immerse yourself in a range of different cultures and new experiences. You can still enjoy great weather too.

The length of your trip

An obvious way to cut the cost of a cruise is to make the trip shorter, and one of the best solutions is a mini cruise. Usually, three or four days long, these holidays allow you to visit exciting destinations and give you a welcome respite from everyday life, much akin to a city break.

Mini cruises enable you to enjoy everything about a cruising experience – from looking out of your cabin porthole at the glistening sea to staying comfortable and relaxed while traveling to the next destination – at a much lower cost and give a great taster of this kind of holiday to novices.

When to book your cruise

A great way to save money on a cruise is to book at the last minute – although this means you might not get the exact package you were wishing for, it does mean you can save huge sums on a trip that would have otherwise been out of your budget.

Of course, the opposite is also true – booking your holiday far in advance means you may be eligible for early bird discounts, so if you’re planning a trip in 2014, it’s a good idea to start searching now. Go outside of peak periods – such as school holidays – to secure the best prices.

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