How to Travel Like a Fashionista?

In the recent past, as the media and advancement in telecommunication technologies have enabled an increase in awareness, the fashion and lifestyle industry has gone through a sharp rise.

There was a time when the fashion for ordinary people only meant dressing up at proms and weddings. However, today we are living in an age where even a twelve-year-old wants her sleeping suit to be stylish.

Everything that we do such as social clubs, picnics, dining out and even traveling has been attributed to the lifestyle in one way or the other. There is a workplace style, college fashion, bridal fashion, gym and spa style, and even airport fashion.

With everyone jumping on the Instagram and Facebook check-in bandwagon, there is little doubt about the fact that traveling is a lifestyle symbol in this era. Therefore, it is not surprising that the terms such as travel styles and airport fashion are becoming a buzzword.

If you love to follow trends and are looking for some travel fashion advice, this guide will help you.


There is no rocket science that you need luggage when you are traveling. However, this is just not any luggage that we are referring to. Your mommy’s oversized suitcase from the 1980s needs to be ditched now, even if it is a strong and durable Samsonite.

Bags these days are modern and sleek design. Consider investing in a four-wheel trolley bag that is not only spacious and durable but also does not look like an eyesore. If you are not traveling with any dependents, then it is highly recommended that you pack as light as possible so that you can stick to smaller bags. If money is not an issue for you consider getting a Burberry or a Louis Vuitton luggage.


An additional backpack can be a lifesaver since it offers you additional storage space. Moreover, you can carry it on your shoulder easily while on the move, without having to break your back.

Other than having great utility, backpacks have already been a fashion rage in the previous year, and the trend is here to stay for a while.


While accessories are an important part of your fashion statement, avoid going for something that is too over the top. Too many accessories not only cause discomfort and are difficult to manage, but also look off in terms of style. A smart finger ring or two paired with a small pair of studs and a locket are more than enough to make a style statement.

A wristwatch is a must, however, it does not mean that you buy a Rolex for your trip. You can browse the watch shop for some of the trendy watches that are not only gorgeous but also moderately priced.

Clothing and Shoes

Your travel clothing and shoes should be comfortable, easy to carry, and light unless you are traveling in winter. If you are not on business travel, do not wear formal dresses on a flight. You can stick smart casual outfits such as polo t-shirts. Wear clothes that can let you rest easily in case of longer flights.

Wear a pair of shoes that allow you to walk comfortably without hurting your feet. For longer flights, Hawaiians and Fit Flops are great options. If you plan to wear sneakers, make sure they are breathable enough. It is always advisable to pack an extra pair of shoes.

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