5 Fashion Tips to Take Away with You

5 Fashion Tips to Take Away with You

Long journeys and looking good are not typically associated with one another, as a long journey can take its toll on your general mood and your appearance too. The different climates and environments that you may encounter whilst travel can vary greatly; due to this, there are several tips that you should take with you whilst you are traveling in order to remain presentable, if not stylish, at all times.

1 – No Iron? No Problem!

A serious traveler will understand that there simply is no room for iron when you are packing for an expedition or a prolonged journey. However, this doesn’t mean that each day you have to turn up in a wrinkled shirt and creased shorts or trousers – there are ways in which you can improve the appearance of your clothes without using an iron.

Before you hang your washing up to dry you should shake it out so that the majority of the water will settle at the bottom of the item; this means that gravity will naturally pull the piece straight as the bottom will be heavier due to the water.

2 – Dressing Smart / Looking the Part

There could be numerous occasions where you have to appear presentable and respectable, whether it’s to introduce yourself to an important person or to make your way through an airport without looking like you’re up to something suspicious, obtaining smart clothes is essential.

Your smart clothes do not have to be expensive or appear overly luxurious, so long as they are reasonably tailored and kept clean. For a male, it’s recommended that you have at least one pair of formal trousers, a shirt, and a tie. For a woman, one dress or a formal top and trousers/ a skirt would be sufficient.

3 – Practical Footwear

Whilst you’re traveling you could be spending a large amount of time on your feet, whether this is due to the fact that you are traveling by foot or because you have to wait around a lot does not matter – if you’re going to spend a lot of time on your feet you must purchase decent footwear.

Boots are stylish but are not appropriate for warmer climates; on the other hand sandals and open-toe shoes can leave your feet unprotected and vulnerable to damage and infections. Some of the best shoes that you can purchase are court shoes or brogues as they can be used in a wide variety of environments and situations.

4 – Rainy Days and Wet Weather

Bin bags aren’t exactly considered the world’s no. 1 fashion accessory, but they can protect you from the worst of the wet and windy weather. As an alternative to walking around in a bin bag or any form of plastic packaging, we suggest that you get your hands on a hooded top or a light, PVC, waterproof coat.

5 – Keeping Clean / Smelling Clean

Traveling can be beautiful but dirty work; sometimes you can’t guarantee the comfort of where you will be staying until you see it with your own eyes. Due to this, there may be occasions when you are lacking the amenities in order to wash or dry clothes.

You can still keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh by placing dried fruit, herbs, or open packs of incense in the bottom of your bag. By doing this your clothes will smell like the items that you have placed in the bottom of your bag rather than stale scents.

There are a variety of other tips and tricks that you can utilize in order to remain trendy whilst you are traveling and to prevent foreign conditions from greatly altering your fashion.

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