6 Reasons Why We Love Sure Thing Chicken Wing in Cebu korea (And You Should, Too)

Chicken wings, for the past few years, have grown 
immensely in popularity. In Cebu, there’s never a shortage of options when it comes to picking where to eat chicken wings. You have a choice depending on budget, flavor, options, and even quantity. There’s always room for more chicken wings places in Cebu, especially the ones that bring something different to the table. And this is exactly what Sure Thing Chicken Wing is doing.

Here are 6 reasons why we love Sure Thing Chicken Wings (and you should, too!):

1. They serve puso instead of plain rice.

 Sure Thing Chicken Wing store puso

In all my experience of eating chicken wings in Cebu, I’ve never met a restaurant that served these with puso (or hanging rice). Before Sure Thing was born, I can remember I craved to eat chicken wings and combine it with puso. But because there wasn’t any that offered this, I always had to make do with regular, plain rice. I know that for some the rice wouldn’t matter but it’s just something I crave every now and then.

2. They make it easy to choose your chicken wings flavor.

 Sure Thing Chicken Wing flavor
Sure Thing Cebu makes it easy to pick your flavor of chicken wings. They only offer four flavors with easy-to-remember monikers for each– New YorkerGangnamHoney-Glazed, and Pinoy.

 Sure Thing Chicken Wingnew yorker
The New Yorker is more popular for its other name, the classic Buffalo Wings. Despite its name, Buffalo Wings actually don’t have anything to do with an actual buffalo. The reason why they are called such is because they originated in Buffalo, New York. Sure Thing’s take on the classic wings tastes stays true to the iconic dish. If you want a plate of fiery red chicken wings with a moderate-high kick, this is the flavor for you. It is actually the spiciest item on Sure Thing’s menu.

 Sure Thing Chicken Wing gangam honey glazed
The Gangnam flavor is, perhaps, the one that follows the spicy New Yorker. The chicken wings in this flavor are coated in a deep red hue with a mix of a sweet and tangy sauce that’s mildly spicy to the taste. They are then topped with some sesame seeds that give the dish its East Asian flair.

 Sure Thing Chicken Wing
Meanwhile, the Honey-Glazed flavor is the one I enjoyed most. It comes in a plate of deep-fried chicken, tossed in a medley of sweet and crunchy sauce that reminded me of Bon Chon’s trademark Soy Garlic flavor. You’ll want to lick your fingers after savoring this.
And speaking of Pinoy

3. They offer a unique flavor for chicken wings.

 Sure Thing Chicken Wing
By far, out of all chicken wings places I’ve dined in, Sure Thing is the only one that serves the Pinoy flavor. It’s actually a unique flavor invented by the restaurant to differentiate itself from the market. True to its name, the Pinoy chicken wings are enveloped in a sauce with local fish sauce (patis) as the main ingredient. Combined with puso, they fit the right market for Cebuanos.

4. They offer Black Sambo.

 Sure Thing Chicken Wing sambo
If there is one dessert from Bacolod I would love Cebu to have, it would definitely be the Black Sambo. When I came to Cebu a few years ago, I was surprised to discover that no one had heard of it. Black Sambo was a dessert that was so rampant throughout my hometown that I could count the restaurants that didn’t serve it. Making the dessert may be a bit intimidating at first, as it requires some trial and error. But once you’ve mastered the techniques, you’ll be at it like a pro. Heck, you can even make Black Sambo with your eyes closed.

5. They offer great combos and promos.

Sure Thing Chicken Wing barkada
Sure Thing offers combos and promos that are perfect for groups and students namely:
  • Chick N Chips (P69) – Comes with two pieces of chicken, potato chips, and Iced Tea.
  • Pinoy Meal (P69) – Comes with two pieces of chicken plus rice and Iced Tea.
  • Barkada Blowout (P499) – Comes with twelve pieces of chicken and six beers

6. They are affordable

 Sure Thing Chicken Wing menu price
The best reason for me (and I’m sure you would agree, too) is that they offer their chicken wings at an affordable price. Apart from the combo meals, they have reasonable prices for chicken wings.
  • Quattro – P99 for four pieces
  • Ocho – P179 for eight pieces
  • Doce – P259 for twelve pieces
Aside from the chicken, they also offer Hakuna Patatas (or potato chips) at P30 per order.
With this price, it’s easy to enjoy Sure Thing Chicken Wing on a daily basis, especially if you’re within the vicinity.
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