6 Unconventional and Underrated Spots for your Next Unforgettable Vacation

Stuck on where to take your next vacation?

Perhaps it’s time for somewhere totally new.

We’re not talking about the likes of London or Paris: we’re talking about international destinations that are often overlooked.

Phi Phi island

But what are some benefits of taking the path less traveled? We’re glad you asked! Consider the following upsides such as…

  • Money in your pocket: arguably the biggest upside of traveling to smaller or less-visited nations is the relatively low cost of living, resulting in cheaper airfare, food, and lodging.
  • Bragging rights: while your friends and family discuss their latest Disney trip, you can tell stories about your visit to a Hindu temple in Bali or an active volcano in Costa Rica.
  • Perspective: seeing the world and learning more about unfamiliar cultures is always a plus when it comes to travel.

And sure, while the weather and general safety might be a concern in less crowded or conventional destinations, such elements are worth worrying about for any vacation. Granted that you do your homework, have some sort of plan in terms of your attractions and understand what you’re getting into, you’re golden.
That said what destinations deserve your attention?

The Philippines

An absolute gem of Southeast Asia and hotspot for savvy travelers who don’t want to sacrifice sightseeing for the price tag. In addition to expats sending money back home to the Philippines, tourism is a key component of the nation’s economy which explains why the country is so welcoming in the first place.

From the beaches of El Nino and Boracay to stunning landscapes like the Bacay Rice Terraces, there’s plenty to do and marvel at while you’re here.


Central America is known for its beauty and low cost of living. There’s no denying that preparing for a trip to Belize requires some special details in terms of planning, both for the sake of safety and for filling up your itinerary. 

That said, seeing ancient Mayan ruins up close in addition to the gorgeous beaches of Ambergris Caye, any prep work is totally worth it in the long run.


Not unlike Belize, Honduras has its own sets of stereotypes and connotations due to its place in Central America. That said, simply minding travel advisories and sticking to tourist hubs will quell many of the problems associated with international travel. Besides: doing your homework about any destination out of the country is a must-do, with Honduras being no different.

With adventures and ruins aplenty sprinkled through the likes of Copan, Roatan, and La Cleba, there are tons of options whether you’re hungry for adventure or just want to relax.

Costa Rica

Yet another option for those willing to give Central America a try, Costa Rica is truly unique in terms of sightseeing and landscapes. For example, the numerous volcanoes of Costa Rica provide endless photo ops and villages to check out in addition to these mountainous marvels.

In particular, the waterfalls near Arenal Volcano are favorites of tourists and locals alike. Meanwhile, the jungle-like Monteverde will make you feel like you’ve traveled to a totally different planet thanks to its diverse flora and wildlife.


The concept of traveling to the likes of Vietnam might come as a bit of a shock to some; however, the country represents a major international travel destination. In fact, many expats from the United States actually settle down in the capital city of Hanoi due to its low cost of living mixed with the upsides of a bustling, modern metro area.

Hanoi is perhaps the most notable spot to see, providing a glimpse of the city life in Asia while being in close proximity to remote villages, lakes, and temples to explore. Some key attractions to check out during your stay include…Walking and scootering around the Old Quarter, getting a taste of local street food.
Standing on the shores of the Lake of Restored Sword.

Marveling at the Chua Tran Quoc, highlighted as one of the most famous places in Hanoi.


Although Bali’s status as a tourist destination is well-documented, don’t neglect some other key spots that Indonesia has to offer as well. Sumatra, Lombok, and Java likewise deserve your attention and are equally picturesque in their own ways. In short, and as a tip for any of your potential destinations, don’t stick to a single spot and try to see as much as you can.

Any combination of these countries is totally fair game for adventurous travelers who want a taste for something truly different from their next vacation. No matter which of these spots you decide to hit up first, simply plan accordingly and don’t be afraid to try something totally new in the process.
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