Tasty Dishes For Trans-Siberian Trippers

The opportunity to sample a new food in yet another location is only one of many factors that keep seasoned travelers from hanging up their backpacks.

Of course, people looking forward to a trip to Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, will have a number of reasons for wanting to spend some time in this city steeped in history and abundant in cultural practices going back centuries.

Food lovers who have booked up the Trans-Mongolian route and are on their way to Beijing are bound to be excited at the prospect of dining at some of the more popular restaurants and eateries in the capital.

Some of the more special places to eat out in Ulaanbaatar are: 
  • Millie’s Cafe – American-style dishes with some international food available
  • Luna Blanca – a range of Asian food including popular Mongolian fayre
  • The Green Zone – French and other European dishes
  • Joe’s Corner – American dishes / fast food
  • Hazara – Indian and other Asian dishes available, vegetarian-friendly

Of course, food enthusiasts who travel to many countries across the globe will always want to try local delicacies at places like markets in order to get a more authentic feel to eating in their chosen destination.

Mongolia Bound

Learn as much as possible about Ulaanbaatar – a stopover for this route. Scour the internet for websites providing blogs on Mongolia’s capital. You are bound to find a blog that is a good source of information for people planning to stop off at Ulaanbaatar as part of a trip to Beijing on an express train.

Whether you have tried one of the more popular Trans-Siberian train routes before or not, it should not take long to start feeling excited about an upcoming trip to Mongolia on board a Trans-Mongolian express train.

Knowing more about where you are heading to – for example, Ulaanbaatar – will help you plan the things to do, the places to drop by, as well as the food places you want to dine in.

Learning through Trans-Siberian express tours the many different aspects of Ulaanbaatar and other destinations along the Trans-Mongolian route is easily achievable for those going on such an adventure.

In fact, many travelers who have been on the Trans-Mongolian route have such an amazing time that they are more than happy to recommend such a trip to friends and family members.

Open Steppe

Although it is always nice to get the chance to visit a number of places during a Trans-Siberian train trip, having to leave somewhere we have fallen in love with in order to continue on our route might be a bit upsetting at times.

Having said that, travelers on a Trans-Mongolian express train who are inspired by how the nomadic people still live today out in the open steppe can always revisit at some point later if they so wish.

In some cases, people who get to spend time with traveling people of Mongolia whilst enjoying a Trans-Mongolian express train ride will choose to move out there for a while as they try to learn even more about this very hardworking and extremely friendly folk.

If we take into consideration the long amount of time we will spend on a train taking us on a Trans-Siberian journey, it is definitely worth investing in some research time with regard to planning our upcoming adventure.

Of course, trippers keen to taste a variety of Mongolian dishes on such tours are bound to try cooking some of the dishes they try as soon as they get back home after their holiday has come to an end.