Dream Holidays: What will you do on your dream holiday?

I recently wrote the 10 Places you Need to Visit Before you Turn 30 which are some of my dream holidays. While writing this list got me dreaming about all the exotic corners of the world it also got me thinking about what I would actually do on a dream holiday. Would I really be happy just lying on a beach? Is being in an idyllic location all it takes to actually experience your dream holiday? I don’t think so. While many people save and save for years to go on an activity-specific dream holiday, I’m more flexible as I don’t feel tired of doing any specific activity. The best news is that despite the dream holiday location possibly costing a little bit of money, these activities aren’t completely money-dependent. So here are the things that I think I would do on my dream holiday to make it exactly that.


There’s no denying it. Relaxation has to feature on any dream holiday itinerary. A dream holiday is about escaping daily life and its demands, so downtime is an absolute must. And yes, if there’s a beach to do it on and massages on offer too, I’m not going to argue. That said, sometimes all I need to relax is a good book and a comfy chair which I’ve very happily found in luxury hotels around the world, and even in self-catering accommodation, which is obviously more cost-effective.


This is a strange one, but when I actually took the time to think about this, I realized how much I enjoyed learning something new from travel. It doesn’t have to be life-changing or brain-draining, it just has to be a new experience, like watching how local food was prepared or learning a local tradition. Even while relaxing on my dream holiday, I know I’ll also be keeping my ears and eyes open for new experiences to learn about, or dare I say it, maybe a museum or two to spend an afternoon in.


Well, it goes without saying that I would like to be accompanied by my dream man on my dream holiday, but seeing as I’ve not found him yet, I’ll take my boyfriend – I’m joking, of course. Despite two years of almost permanent travel, it’s been a long time since my partner and I “went on holiday” as we take our work with us wherever we go, but I know for a fact that if we were to go to any of the destinations on my list of dream holidays, that spending time together just talking (or not!) would be a priority.


I’m not ashamed to say that my dream holiday would feature a lot of food and a lot of cocktails. I don’t believe in holding back (well, not too much) when I’m on holiday; I want to try as many new foods as I possibly can and I want to watch as many sunsets as I can with a different cocktail in my hand. So yes, I may need to watch the pennies when it comes to indulging but most of the time it will be money well spent!


Nothing makes me feel better than laughing. Thankfully, my partner agrees and he spends many hours trying to make me laugh. I want to make sure that his efforts get my full attention and I will absolutely do my best to return the favor by playing the beach ball games he likes to play or accepting his challenge to hold my breath underwater for longer than he. Laughter is the key to a dream holiday, in my eyes and again isn’t an expensive commodity…

So how about you? what would you do on your dream holiday? Would it be any of the same things I wrote above, or are you more adventure-oriented?
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