Eastern Australia: The Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

Australia is such a vast country that it can be difficult to decide which area to tackle first. From vibrant cultural cities to wide expanses of bushland where you can enjoy true isolation, there’s certainly something for everyone who visits. However, for many visitors, it’s the Eastern states of Australia that hold the most appeal, as there’s plenty of diversity, road trips are easy thanks to the well-maintained highways, and there are some of the most beautiful coastal areas to be found here. If you are visiting Eastern Australia, then here are just a few of the sites that simply cannot be missed.

Sydney Harbour

  • If you are an international traveler, the chances are that you will land at Sydney International Airport, the busiest in the whole of Australia. Spend some time in the city and take a stroll down to the iconic Sydney Harbour where you’ll see some of the country’s most recognizable landmarks. Stop to take photos of:
  • The Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge – The tallest steel arch bridge in the world
  • Sydney’s Central Business District
  • Several islands
  • Ferry and cruise ship terminals

This makes the harbor an essential place to visit and means you can spend a single afternoon there, or several days exploring the wider area, perhaps taking boat trips to the charming local suburbs.

Gold Coast, Queensland

Gold Coast is a popular tourist city, with high-rise hotels, exclusive restaurants, and plenty of family attractions. It can also refer to the wider coastal area which includes Surfer’s Paradise and many other icon beaches. If you decide to hire an Australien mietwagen, then it’s easy to get around the charming coastal towns, and you’ll find plenty of long, golden sandy beaches, with clear turquoise waters that are ideal for surfing. At night, the area really comes to life, with laid-back clubs and pubs full of energetic backpackers enjoying the atmosphere.

Tin Can Bay

This small, sheltered inlet has all the beauty you’d expect from this area of the country, but one of the main things that bring tourists in is the local dolphins. They come to shore every morning, and under supervision, visitors can feed them breakfast. This offers a rare opportunity to get close to these gentle sea creatures, and kids will be especially thrilled to paddle in the water and meet the friendly dolphins.

Whitsunday Islands

Just off the coast of Queensland, there lies a group of islands with white sands and turquoise seas worthy of a travel brochure. The Whitsunday Islands are unspoiled and quiet, with some of them hosting luxury resorts, whereas others are almost completely empty apart from campsites where you can sleep under the stars. The islands form one of the most popular yachting areas in the world, and there are plenty of boat hire activities, as well as organized trips leaving from the mainland.

Outback Stations

Back on dry land, a true taste of isolation and country life can be found at one of the many outback stations of Eastern Australia. These stations are where you’ll find thousands of cattle and livestock being raised, and there are miles of land where you won’t see another human. If you want to stay somewhere where your nearest town is a day’s drive away, and the local’s mail is delivered by plane, then this is a unique opportunity to see how people live in true isolation.

Working on an outback station can be a unique gap year activity, but often people simply pass through and stay with the workers as they camp outside, enjoying the lifestyle of horseback riding during the day, and sitting by the campfire at night.

Eastern Australia is the kind of exciting, unique destination that can make for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. With so many things to see and do, it’s easy to fill your itinerary, and your main problem will no doubt be fitting it all into your limited time. From a short city break in a high-rise hotel to a night camping on an isolated island, you will be able to keep everyone in your group happy and help you make the most of your time off.
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