Everything about Post-Travel Depression

Coming back from a vacation can have different effects on people. We’re all sad when a great trip ends, but some people make it harder than others.

As a matter of fact, some people develop what is known as post-travel depression. And the longer the trip was, the more intense this feeling of anxiety and sadness is.

So what can you do to alleviate the consequences? Quite a lot actually, because the ways you cope with this condition can open a whole new world for you. Read on and learn the most important things about PTD.

What is Post-Travel Depression?

Let’s identify the problem first, shall we? Imagine you’re having a great time, you’re in a foreign country, exploring new cultures, new foods, and meeting new people and all your senses are in overdrive every day. You are constantly bombarded with new sensations, but when you get home things become monotonous and dull. There is nothing to stimulate you and you’re back to your same old daily routine.

It’s not a pleasant feeling – you feel sad about leaving your new friends, anxious because you’re facing old problems again, nostalgic for the great times you had, etc. That is post-travel depression, the feeling of uneasiness and dissatisfaction with the fact that you’re back to your old life.

How to Deal with Post-Travel Depression?

Fortunately, there are many ways to diminish this feeling. First of all, don’t let the idea that your trip is almost overhang your head during the last few days of the vacation. Try to keep yourself as busy as possible and do and experience as much as you can!

Once you’re home, allow yourself a few days of rest. Yes, rest from your vacation, especially if you’re suffering from jet lag. Don’t go to work right the next morning; let everything sink in.

While you’re resting, you can go through ideas for another trip. That helps a lot and removes the sense of finality you have when you come home. Also, don’t let your memories from the trip just sit there in the back of your head. Re-live them again with your friends as much as you can!

Making the Most of the Situation

Dealing with post-travel depression can also have some great consequences. For one thing, you can have your next trip all planned out! Furthermore, you can sit and analyze what it is that is bothering you the most when it comes to your everyday life and then take some actions to change that. Try to implement something from your trip into your daily routine.

Another great way with dealing with PTD is to become a tourist in your hometown. Visit an area you haven’t visited before or haven’t visited in a long time. Find new great restaurants and go through every nook and cranny of your city until the time for the next trip comes. And then it’s time for a whole new adventure!

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