Travel Must-Haves for Digital Nomads

Today’s technological advancements, like the fast internet and mobile gadgets, have made it possible for a new breed of professionals to rise and thrive. Dubbed digital nomads, these people lead dynamic lives, hopping from one country to another, and they are involved in remote work.

Many people are becoming interested in digital nomad life and with good reason. Imagine being free from the confines of a conventional office and having the flexibility to take your work anywhere you go. If the prospect of becoming a digital nomad is appealing to you, here’s a list of travel essentials you need to have in your tool kit as a pro on the go.

Power Bank

With all the traveling that you’ll be doing as a digital nomad, there’s no telling what place you’ll end up in and whether that place has a power outlet you can plug into. Make sure you are always connected and ready to communicate with your loved ones or clients by keeping your trusty gadgets charged and ready for use.

A reliable power bank will do just the trick. Depending on what devices you use or your lifestyle, you can get a basic one for charging your mobile phone or a more heavy-duty one that can power up laptops.

Life Proof Phone Cases

Your mobile phone is basically your lifeline to your loved ones and an important resource for online maps and booking accommodations. That said, don’t settle for phone cases that break easily. Invest in high-quality iPhone cases that are strong enough to withstand your adventures as a digital daredevil.

If you regularly travel on a boat, go island hopping, or love water sports, then pick a waterproof case. Or if you value portability and traveling light, then get a case that also doubles as a wallet with card slots for you to slip in your credit card, ID, and cash.

Heavy-Duty Laptop Sleeve

As a digital nomad, much of your work will be done on a mobile device, most likely a laptop. That said, make sure to keep your laptop protected by buying a padded and heavy-duty laptop sleeve. If you own several laptop accessories, like extra batteries and external storage, then consider getting a sleeve with multiple compartments so you don’t have to bring separate containers for your gadgets.

Bluetooth Headphones

One of the perks of being a digital nomad is you can take your work anywhere. Headed to an exciting surf spot this Monday? No problem, just pack your laptop into your beach bag and enjoy the view of crashing waves as you finish your manuscript at a beach or a campsite.

The downside, though, is all the noise and activity going on around you can be distracting. An instant solution would be to plug in your headphones and listen to some white noise or your favorite music for boosting creativity.


Expect to make a lot of exciting memories during the course of your nomadic life, and you will want to preserve those special moments on camera. No doubt, GoPros are one of the best cameras for people who live active lifestyles.

Unlike bulky DSLRs, this tiny but powerful baby can be easily slipped into your purse or beach bag. Also, thanks to its waterproof case, you don’t have to worry about the GoPro getting wet anytime you go in the water.

Other Miscellaneous Travel Accessories

While it’s a given that nifty gadgets are on top of a digital nomad’s mind, these very same people do also travel and explore the world a lot. And what’s travel without bringing some essentials with you? A carbon fiber hat can give you protection from the sun if you feel like bringing work to the beach.

Tripods and selfie sticks are also there to help you especially if you’re a solo backpacker. But most importantly, it’s best to make some new friends when you’re in new places. After all, you’re not just working, you’re experiencing the world.

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