Exploring the Gardens of Beauvais- France

Given the opportunity to visit France, I would take the opportunity to explore its gardens and natural wonders. I rarely see pictures of these online and I would very much appreciate seeing these flowers up close. France is beautiful in pictures but I believe it is more beautiful in person. My first stop would be no less than the town of Beauvais. Friends recommend considering Beauvais Airport because it is less expensive in comparison to city airports in France.

Verderonne Garden

It is in proximity to Paris, so I guess it is breath of fresh air for someone like me who enjoys flowers that much. It is filled with beds of irises, clematis, perennials, and old rosebushes, which will certainly thrill me. I would pretty much take pictures of these flowers and enjoy every moment spend with them. It would be nice to walk along the park with your special someone because of the beauty and warm ambiance of the environment.

Domaine de Chantilly

Aside from the beauty of its flowers, Domaine de chantilly offers a day-long of fun activities. I would indulge myself in its labyrinth and read as much information about the place before visiting it. In such a manner, I imagine its glorious beauty during the time when the Princes of Chantilly were organizing country parties in this area. Call me a hopeless romantic, but it is certainly one of the gardens blessed with rich history and culture. Of course, I would never miss the opportunity to learn more about the place through the guided tour it offers.

Jean Jacques Rousseau Park

This would probably be the last park I am going to visit, given the opportunity. It is an English-style garden mimicking the countryside. Trees are allowed to grow without worries about being trimmed to achieve perfection. They are given the liberty to flourish and blossom as nature dictates. I believe it would be lovely to spend the afternoon enjoying the Temple of Philosophy, Naiad’s Grotto, and the Altar of Reverie in this place. It would be a pleasure creating a poem or two about life and nature in its midst because of all the inspiration it will give me.

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