The Best Gifts to Buy from Armenia

Every country and culture has its own flavor and its own values. You must bring a piece of Armenia with you if you want your trip to be genuinely memorable. The memory of Armenian people’s warm heart will stay with you forever.

You can find anything in Armenia. We offer to look through the following list and choose real Armenian souvenirs and gifts products.


Start your shopping from Yerevan. You can find several souvenir shops in the center of the city where you can buy national symbols, but you’d better start your shopping in Vernissage. You will easily find the road but if not make sure to ask passers-by, and they will surely help you. Here you will find the greatest versatility of souvenirs. The market opened in the 1980s by local artists who aimed to show and sell the works of art. Today you can find here not only paintings, but also ceramic handmade souvenirs, pottery, teapots, sugar bowls, cups, and more.

Here you should pay special attention to souvenirs made of obsidian. Black volcanic glass is used to make very beautiful and stylish accessories and souvenirs. If you have time, you can order pen, key chain, jewelry box and anything from obsidian with your name engraved on it. Pay attention to the national musical instrument duduk. It will be a very special gift from Armenia. Crafts from wood are also very popular. like wooden pomegranates, crosses and cross stones.

In the open-air market you can also find ethnic clothing, bags and jackets for you or for a gift. From the ancient times Armenians are known with their jewelry art and in Vernissage you can find unique handmade jewelry made of silver and gold. This is just a small part of what you will see there and you won’t even notice how you spend half a day walking through the shelves.

National souvenirs can be found in any city of Armenia. If you do not have time to visit the Vernissage during your tour to Armenia, or you spend more time traveling about the cities of Armenia, you can easily find souvenir shops near showplaces.


Walking around Yerevan it is worth to visit Cafesjian Center of the Art, where you can enjoy the unique pieces of contemporary art. The museum has working gift shop where you can find designer items made of ceramics, books, handmade dolls, wooden ornaments and more.


If you walk along Abovyanstreet, be sure to visit Dalan Art Gallery. Here you can find exclusive handmade jewelry and all kinds of magnets with national symbols. By the way, if you’re tired of shopping, you can go to a cafe Dalan and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

If you are going to visit lake Sevan do not forget to look through the collection of pewter. Vintage products with ethnic ornaments will become a beautiful decoration to your interior.


If you tune to a serious purchase, be sure to visit the salon Megerian Carpet, where you will find greatest variety of antique carpets. This Armenian carpet will be a luxurious complement to the interior of your house or office.

Lovers of sweets will appreciate the wide variety of Armenian dried fruit. You can find them in any local supermarket, as well as in the central market, where everything is exposed in such a beautiful and attractive way that you’ll hardly keep yourself of trying everything. Do not forget to buy a “sour lavash” (thin sheets of fruit pastilles), alani and sweet sudjukh.

 If you are a lover of meat products, you should try Armenian basturma and sudjukh (meat sudjukh) and take them with you. Just remember to leave the purchase of products to the very last moment so that they will be fresh.

Finally, everyone knows about sweet and juicy Armenian fruits, and if you are lucky enough to take a tour in Armenia in summer and autumn make sure you not only try, but take them with you.

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