How to travel on a budget to every country in the world

Like experience, traveling can be one of the best teachers in life. It allows you to be more open to various cultures and have a positive outlook on life. Not many people like to travel but those who do, are some of the happiest and most open-minded people on the planet. Going on trips in your state or country sure is nice but taking a journey overseas can be very exciting. Finances are of course one of the major things to consider when traveling; money is hard to come by for many. The good news is you can go to countries you have dreamed of visiting even with a very limited budget. There are even those who are lucky enough to travel abroad for free. Going on a journey to exotic places and historical nations is an inexpensive way as a regular person is possible as long as you are optimistic, determined, and street smart.


With many airline companies nowadays, competition is tough which leads to various airfare promos that you can take advantage of. You can either book a year or months earlier for your next trip or wait for the off-peak season to purchase your ticket. Either way assures you of cheaper airfare that you should take advantage of.


A terrific option would be to ask your family members about relatives abroad in addition to saving up for your plane fare to your desired place. Keeping in touch with them can benefit your overseas travel because you can save money by staying with them. You can also contact friends who are living abroad. You can definitely save on accommodation or even food expenses and at the same time bond with your hosts whom you have not seen for quite some time.


A continent like Europe is one of the ideal places to hitchhike and you can visit several nations on the continent by doing so. The brave and bold travelers determined to go on cross-country trips for free can find this method appealing. One thing is for sure, you definitely save on transportation expenses.


There are certain international non-government organizations in need of volunteers to help out in their cause. Be it building houses for the homeless or farming organic produce, you can sure take advantage of the priceless experience you can have on such trips. In addition, there are also charity groups needing volunteers to climb Mt. Everest, for instance, to raise funds for a project. This can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel and you should grab it.


Once you’re in the country of your choice, you need to spend on your basic necessities in order to survive. Fortunately, there are local businesses that you can approach for you to work in exchange for free accommodation or food. You won’t be paid big bucks but you’ll sure have a roof above your head and meals to keep you going while on vacation.


For some people, they opt to enjoy a kind of all-expense paid trip while employed. You can find temporary or long-term jobs on cruise ships or even on airlines. You definitely travel a lot without spending on your basic needs and you get paid enough too!


Different companies promoting products or services come up with contests open to the public and many offer travel-abroad prizes. There’s no harm in trying and you never know lady luck may be on your side.


It may seem a bit odd but there are websites that offer short-term house swapping to willing travelers. If you are willing to entrust your home to a stranger then this unusual way of having a vacation abroad is for you. To those familiar with the movie The Holiday, the characters of Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swapped homes which turned out to be a great vacation for them.

No matter what method you choose, these ways just show that it is indeed possible to travel and visit every country around the globe inexpensively. Why don’t you start planning and choose the method that would satisfy your adventurous soul?

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