The Top 5 Films to Inspire Wanderlust

We were recently asked by the guys over at ROL Cruise ‘What films have most inspired us to travel in our lives and why?’

As a massive film lover, this was not an easy question. Between us, we must have seen thousands of different films, of all different genres, and it is not always the obvious ones that have most inspired our wanderlust.

Some of the most inspiring films for us have been the old classic Indiana Jones movies (who didn’t want to be an adventuring Archaeologist when watching these films), comedies such as Eurotrip which show the fun good friends can have when traveling together, and even some of the more obvious travel-related ones such as Walter Mitty or Lost in Translation.

Take a look at the Top 5 Films to Inspire Wanderlust as discovered by ROL Cruise and let us know your favorite films in the comments below.

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