Traveling with kids: lessons from a traveling dad

While family travel is a booming area of the travel and tourism industry, moms seem to be the biggest driving force behind traveling with kids. I shared some travel trips and stories from traveling dads to celebrate Father's Day.

Summer vacations on the beach are fun. Disneyland is a place the whole family can enjoy. All-inclusive family resorts have something for everyone. However, there is much more to family travel and traveling with kids than just the fun stuff. The most significant benefit of traveling with kids is the opportunity to bond as a family.

The more I talk with people about traveling as a family, I hear stories from family vacations and what great time kids and parents had. However, people who look back on these trips with the family say that family vacations are not about the destinations but the memories they have with their family.

Many experiences are funny, embarrassing, or sometimes boring. However, these experiences have shaped and molded kids into world travelers and caring individuals. Did a trip to Disneyland change the way they view the world and inspire them to visit China? Maybe. However, the time moms and dads took to take their kids with them and spend time together bonded them and created many loving memories for kids.

While moms get a lot of credit for the time and effort they put into their families, dads are special too. So here’s a look at life lessons for traveling with kids – from a traveling dad.

Traveling Dad – life lessons from traveling with kids

Traveling is a great way to bond with children - Whether it’s on holiday or seeing a new country every few months or traveling around the world, there are special moments that allow dads to connect and bond with t

Traveling with your child can start at any age - Whether your child is a baby, toddler, young kid, pre-teen, or teenager, you can always travel with your child. While our dads may disagree on when is the best age to travel, all of them show you that even dads can travel with kids at any age.

Traveling with your child is not about the destination. Whether you live abroad, spend time in Mexico, go hiking, or just enjoy family vacations, the memories and experiences you create for your child are in the relationships formed. Even dads will agree that traveling is about the special moments no matter where, how long, how much, or how quickly you travel.

Traveling makes for better dads and people – Believe it or not, there are lessons dads learn as well. Sometimes it is about the joy of sacrifice so that your child benefits. You can develop skills and challenge yourself on things you weren’t good at. You will also learn a lot about yourself in the process – challenging you to be a better person and dad.

Traveling changes the way you and your child view the world – While the effects of travel may not be immediate, it can make a difference in the little things even if it means a more tolerant view of the world, a little more patience, and a reminder to enjoy the simple things.

Start small – Taking your kids on a road trip can be scary. Taking them overseas can be too much for some dads. So start small. You don’t have to go far to get your kids and yourself out of the house. Find things you can do together. Start with a day trip or weekend trip close to home. As you gain confidence and see what fun you can have, then go a little bit further the next time.

Just do it!- While traveling with a child will have its ups and downs and can be scary, these dads haven’t regretted doing it. Start small and work your way up to bigger trips. Traveling will be a learning process for both of you but also a great bonding experience.

Traveling with kids isn’t easy. Being a parent isn’t easy. Taking the time to do both involves sacrifice and patience. However, giving your kids the gift of travel could teach them life lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.