5 Most Romantic Places in Singapore

Singapore consists of 63 islands, each of them rife with natural beauty and romance. Covered in greenery and boasting of sweeping ocean views and sandy beaches, it is not difficult to find a special spot to share with that special someone. However, five places stand out as the most romantic places in Singapore.

Things To Do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore
Singapore Holidays - Transporter to Pulau Ubin Island

The Singapore Flyer

Things to do in Singapore
Singapore Holidays - Singapore Flyer by ashleyt, on Flickr

There is nothing more romantic than a first kiss atop a Ferris wheel. The Singapore Flyer Observation Wheel is the tallest in the world, standing more than 540 feet off the ground. Ride at night as the cityscape lights up below you. From the wide Singapore River to the dotted lights of the boats in Marina Bay and everything in between, the Singapore Flyer offers great views and greater romance. Steal a kiss at the very top and make a memory that is truly unforgettable.

Moonlit Stroll on Anderson Bridge

There is something about water that lends itself to romance and Anderson Bridge is no exception. When the moon is bright in the sky, walk across this 100 year old bridge high above the Singapore River. Share a meal purchased from a street vendor as you walk the span. Marvel at the lights of the city and toss a few flowers into the waters below. Legend says those who toss red petals into the river’s murky depths are graced with eternal love.

Things to do in Singapore
Singapore Holidays - Anderson Bridge by alantankenghoe, on Flickr

Sentosa Beach

Although crowded during the day, Sentosa beach is mostly vacant during the early morning and late night hours. Stroll hand in hand at the edge of the surf while the waves lap against the shore. With nearly two miles of white sand, Sentosa has a lot of room to run. Bring a picnic and a bottle of wine and toast each other under the stars or share a native Durian fruit bought from a street vendor as dawn turns to day. Sentosa Beach is unspoiled romance and the ideal place to book Singapore holiday packages for honeymooners.

Things to do in Singapore
Singapore Holidays - Palawan Beach, Sentosa by j0055, on Flickr

Dine at Alkaff Mansion

Once owned by a well-to-do Indonesian family, Alkaff Mansion was abandoned toward the end of WWII and fell into disrepair. It was later fully restored and converted to a restaurant. The mansion is located atop a hill with incredible views of the harbor lights. Live music is offered frequently and the food is seductive. Proposals are commonplace and the ambiance of the mansion lends itself to love.

Things to do in Singapore
Singapore Holidays - Alkaff Mansion

Yueh Hai Ching Temple

For a deeply spiritual excursion, visit the Temple of Love. The oldest Taoist temple in all of Singapore, it is home to the deity of happiness and love. Do as the locals and tie red strings together while praying for your own personal happily ever after. Ask for the deity to bless your romance as he once blessed seafaring sailors venturing far from their loved ones long ago.

Things to do in Singapore
Phillip Street - Yueh Hai Ching Temple

The history, culture and natural beauty of Singapore is incredible. Romance can be found anywhere on Singapore’s 63 islands. It is only a matter of how hard you look, so start with our list of things to do in Singapore.