5 Most Beautiful Cycling Routes In Europe

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If you are a cycling enthusiast and you might be looking for new cycling adventures, Europe will offer you great cycling experiences and awesome cycling destinations that you cannot exhaust in one vacation. Below are the five most beautiful cycle routes you can explore while in Europe.

Baltic Sea Cycle Route

This 4,958 miles route is also popularly known as the Hansa Circuit or the Eurovelo 10. It cuts across nine European countries along the coastline of the Baltic Sea like Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, and others.

Explore the beautiful Baltic Sea coast with its white sands, quaint towns, and ice-blue water together with lots of fresh air and national parks as you cycle along the extensive coastline.

Cornish Coastal Way, Britain

If you are looking for a new cycling challenge in Europe, the Cornish Coastal way is the place to visit. The 123-mile cycle route offers you beautiful Britain scenery and fresh air as you take a biking adventure. There are several multi-use trails such as Camel trail, Goss moor trail, The Wheal Peevor Mine Site, and Mineral Tramways.

There are also several Cornish Way Trails such as The Engine House Trail, The First and Last Trail, The St. Piran Trail, The North Cornwall Trail, and The Coast, and Clay Trail among others. In addition, you can enjoy great coastal cuisines in the seaside villages.

Danube Cycle Path

Danube Cycle Path can be said to be the most famous holiday cycling route in Europe. It is known to attract all kinds of cyclists from professionals, families, serious cyclists, and those who do it for fun.

This cycling route that stretches for 1,777 miles and passes eight European countries such as Bulgaria, Slovakia, German, Croatia, Romania, Austria, Serbia, and Hungary.

This extensive route follows Europe’s second-longest river and is best for riverside riding. While cycling along the Danube, make sure you make a stopover at some of the most incredible sites like Passau, the Celtic village of Mitterkirchen, and Schlönger Loop, as well as the Baroque village of Grein.

North West Trail, Ireland

This beautiful 200 miles trail passes through six Irish counties namely Tyrone, Donegal, Cavan, Fermanagh, Sligo, and Leitrim. The North West Trail is an excellent destination for family cycling fun adventure since a great part of the trail passes through calm country roads that are traffic free.

You will also enjoy great mountain climbs, dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean, nice landscapes, and hospitable villages with very hospitable people.

Camino Frances, Spain

Camino Frances, which is 490 miles long is the most popular of all the Camino de Santiago routes in Spain. It is best known for spiritual reflection so it attracts a significant number of pilgrims that you will usually meet along the way as you cycle.

Apart from the spiritual activities, it is a great destination for people who want to admire the beauty of Spain on saddleback. Bikers can do a whole trail on a mountain bike in its mountainous landscape as you enjoy the beauty of the surrounding rustic villages.


Whatever biking trails you choose, belt up for some crazy fun, and you will see why biking is a great passion for many people. If you are a woman, you can choose from a wide range of women’s bikes. If you want to go on bike riding adventures in coastal areas, you should love picking one of these women’s beach bike cruisers. Biking can be the best way to experience this spring.

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