Cyprus Holidays – Things to do in Paphos

 Cyprus holidays are everything you can imagine. Clear Mediterranean waters, mouthwatering meze, and hot days and warm nights. Paphos, on the South East coast of Cyprus, has just the right blend of buzzing nightlife and a tranquil daytime marina to make any Cyprus holiday a memorable one.

I holidayed on this island to attend one of my closest friend's weddings. It was a beautiful location for a perfect wedding and I was elated to get a holiday out of such a special event. They had chosen one of the many four-star resorts along the Paphos coast and it provided a gorgeous setting for the occasion.

Cyprus holidays dining

We’re big foodies so naturally, we were pretty excited by the Meze (or Mezedes as the Cypriots call it). Fresh sardines, vine leaves, and sizzling calamari all sit up there with some of the greatest food memories.

Dining out ranged from the very expensive to the quaint cafe-style food along the coast and we indulged in both. We had one stunning bank breaker meal where we both indulged in saffron-infused seafood pasta. I still dream about this dish today. The Cypriots have incredible seafood on offer and we had more than one seafood meal that totally blew our socks off.

The best spots for dining are scattered all along the marina. Cocktail hour at sunset often tends to turn into a wild night out in Paphos… Or at least it did for us!

Cyprus holidays activities

The beaches of Cyprus are very varied and we found the best ones in Paphos to be away from the main town. Hiring a car or taking a local bus can be worth the trip for a better beach experience. These beaches tend to be less busy and really very beautiful.

The walks around Paphos stand out as the best thing we did every day on this holiday. My partner and I took many lazy strolls in the afternoon sun and I don’t think I’ll ever forget them. We came across crumbling churches and all sorts of unusual architecture.

Getting lost along the cobbled streets was a perfect way to build up an appetite for a delicious Cypriot meal.

Some of us spent an afternoon renting jet skis or hiring a boat…

There is a brilliant waterpark just outside the town too. Our whole wedding party made a beeline for this and spent a day acting like the big kids that we are.

The pace in Paphos during the day is so chilled out and we loved nothing more than strolling through the town, stopping for ice cream, and topping up our tan.

The winding streets and stunning views were what made Paphos for us. Whether we were knocking back shots in one of the lively bars in the evenings or taking serene walks along the coast, our Cyprus holidays were up there with some of the best Mediterranean trips we’d ever taken.
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