How to Plan to Travel Alone

I had never considered traveling alone. Something about it just seemed so … well, I don’t know how to put it into words really, but suffice to say that talking about a shared experience with the person who was there with you at the time is all part of the fun.

Traveling alone sort of robs you of the whole “after-party” of post-trip reminiscing. Then I bumped into Rich, an old school friend. Over the course of a five-minute conversation, I discovered he’d been busy traveling the world alone for years. He assured me it was the best way to see the world. And he gave me some tips.

He also told me about the time he lost his passport while traveling, and the time he was injured abroad. That’s why it’s important to stay prepared – for example, always know the phone number of your embassy, and know where you can find a slip and fall lawyer should you need them.

Travel Time between Destinations

If you’re planning a trip with multiple stops (perhaps you’re planning to take a train journey around several European countries, for example), you need to be aware that the duration of your travel times can be disruptive, especially where an already lengthy journey is delayed.

Plan your route to involve an average travel time of around 2-5 hours between destinations, or if you want to travel further, consider taking a night train.

This should help to keep you moving and shouldn’t be too disruptive to your plans in the event of a delay or cancellation.

Become your own Guide

This tip is all about your dedication levels to the adventure in front of you. What sounds like homework is actually fun – get a notepad and a pen, and perhaps sit in one evening with a glass of something a little stronger than herbal tea (or perhaps you love herbal tea? No one is judging here!), and write down everything that’s holding you back.

All those little worries. Over how to get from the airport to your hotel, how many different currencies you may need to carry, the footwear you’ll need, the size of the backpack required, and where to get one from that matches your expensive outdoors coat – all of these things can keep people from ever realizing their travel dream.

Write them down. Research them. Get the answers you need to put your mind at rest. Otherwise, you may never leave.

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