Stunning Viewpoints Around Europe

Everyone loves a great view while on holiday. You can take pictures all day of the beautiful vistas that Mother Nature or Man has provided you with, depending on where you go. If it’s Europe, you might need 10 lifetimes to see all the beauty it holds. While this list is short, it’s a start! Here are some spectacular viewpoints in Europe.

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While you’re sitting below the plethora of buildings there’s plenty more happening up above you, you just don’t know it yet. You’re amongst the hustle and bustle, but to get the true view of Stockholm you will need to climb to the top of the Stadshuset. What a marvelous panorama of the city, the harbor, and its surroundings!

Cliffs of Moher

Get yourself to Ireland and see the mighty and powerful Atlantic Ocean bash and hit the cliffs of Moher in a spectacular show of land that meets the sea. When you look out from the cliffs, all you have before you is a massive view of the ocean. Beneath your feet, are the timeworn cliffs that have been etched by water over thousands of years. The views make you feel like you’re on the edge of the earth. There’s another way to see this majestic view if you’re up for it. Just get out on a surfboard and man the waves. When you finish your surf, look up to see the cliffs from another angle. The swells are perfect and the crowds are smaller when you go during October.

The Matterhorn

If you’re not up for risking your life and climbing Matterhorn, just viewing it is fine. 500 people have perished in the process of climbing the nearly 15,000-foot peak. While the peak is enticing to climb, the views from below are beautiful and certainly safer. The peak’s summit is draped in snow and is a noble mountain in Europe to visit. Get a great view of Lake Riffelsee with the massive summit behind as a backdrop. Just walk a few kilometers down the path and be sure to try and catch the reflection of the mountain in the lake.


This is Iceland’s most magical view of the ocean. The nearly nine miles of cliff sides towering 1,457 feet in the air with water plunging at its base is a site to be seen. There are fantastic beaches with white sand for miles and the Snæfellsjökull glacier is in the far distance for an epic vista. This spot is one of the world’s largest razorbill colonies and is home to the great bird cliffs population.


This popular spot in Croatia is a spot on the tourist map and for good reasons. The walls of Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia are an incredible sight. The red roofs are haphazardly strewn about the Old Town with the sea providing a breathtaking backdrop just beautiful. Walk along the walls and take millions of photos. It won’t do it any justice though!

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