Top 6 Reasons You Should Spend Your Holidays in India

India has long been a popular location that attracts a sizable amount of people due to its diversified population and astounding geographic diversity.

India is well known for its way of life as well as for its rich history going back to one of the most established human developments on the planet. Besides, a quote which goes like “The culture changes each 3 km and dialect each 12 km in India” outlines India the best.

Here are some reasons you should spend your holidays in India.


Home to Indus Valley, India has seen a lot of establishments attempting to set their foot here and in the process leaving their impressions behind.

From hundreds of years old temples in Chennai to one of the greatest mosques on the planet, India has some of the most beautiful landmarks that still help us to remember gone years.

Going to India turns out to be all the more fascinating when you visit these spots to see the things that make them stand out.


With more than 22 dialects and more than 1000 vernaculars, you can see how culturally rich India is. Indeed, even in the midst of such a great amount of qualities, there is a feeling of solidarity among the population of India.

They have stood together in the hardest of times and celebrate every festival with aplomb. Individuals here are proud of the differing diversity and like to understand other cultures as well.


India is home to a population of different religions, castes, and cultures. Still, one thing that keeps individuals of India together is patriotism towards the nation and regard for each other.

When you visit India, the main thing that struck you is the simplicity of individuals and their generosity. You can ask anybody and they will affirm that individuals of India go to any lengths to make you feel good and needed.


From the start of time, food has been one of the essentials of people living in India. What’s more, because of cultural diversity, food has developed such a great amount in India that you can taste hundreds of new dishes traveling from one state to another.

From tangy Sambhar in South India to SarsonkaSaag in the North and savoryGhevar in the West to delightful MishtiDoi in the East, the diversity here is so much that you will never hold back on your diet while here.


One of the best and the cheapest locations for adventure seekers, you can indulge in various activities here along the Himalayas or the beautiful. In addition to having the longest and prettiest beaches in the world, India also consists of the largest peaks in the world.


With such a large number of rulers from over the world attempting to set up their colonies in India, they left behind a blend of architecture that is difficult to find in any nation in the world.

From the perplexing architecture of the Taj Mahal to the Baroque technique of the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Rajputana architecture of Hawa Mahal to the Golden Temple, it’s hard to get such a great amount of variety anywhere else.

Thinks even that’s not enough to spend holidays in India! Then visit the peaceful and serene Ghats of River Ganga in Varanasi for an enchanting experience or visit the cacophonic hills of Spiti Valley.

India has so many places to explore that some say that one life is not enough to experience it all.
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