Your Flight Etiquette Manual

We know how stressful (or not) being on a plane may be.

For some, it is a time to reflect in peace and for others, it could be their worst nightmare. Flight etiquette is not a myth! It does make your flying experience a pleasant one if you follow those simple set of rules.

Whether you are flying first, economy, or upper class, it doesn’t matter. There are many different kinds of passengers we come across on our journey. Some smile while they walk past you, some hit you with their bags while you are seated, and then there is the awkward passenger that sticks to your seat while trying to get their oversized luggage in or out of their overhead locker.

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After all… your actions toward passengers will create a ripple effect on people you will never meet.

  • Don’t leave your socks at home – If you like to remove your shoes, etiquette numero 1, please wear socks!

  • It’s not first come first served – We all have our boarding pass, we are all embarking. There is absolutely no rush to get up and push people over to get to your seat. We all have assigned seat numbers. If you plan on queuing at the counter way ahead of time, take that time to gather all your papers and passport instead of searching for them last minute when your turn has come to board.

  • We are all disembarking – Once again, as we land, seat belt signs are there for YOUR OWN safety. Not because the pilot wants to keep you inside a plane to punish you. Take off and landing is the most dangerous part of flying. Doors are closed and locked. No one is leaving the plane until the doors open. You will not be left behind.

  • Hold on to your seat – Getting in and out of your seat whilst in midair can be tricky. A major rule is never to hold on to the front passenger seat as leverage for you to get out. You have your own seat to grab, otherwise, you would accidentally pull that girl’s hair, or surprise someone while they are sleeping.

  • Kids off the aisle – I am a parent myself and understand how frustrating it could get traveling with kids, but try to keep your kids off running up and down the aisles so other passengers do not get disturbed.

  • Overhead Lockers – Overhead lockers can be tricky, one thing we can advise is that they are meant to be for the person right above that seat. So if you feel that maybe, you might need that space, ask the passenger if you could use his. You can also try and pack as little as possible on the plane and check in your luggage.

  • Reclining that seat – On some economy flights, passengers are not as lucky as others. Your right to recline your seat is granted equally the same as the passenger behind you has the right to decline your request. Always look back, recline slowly and ask if it would be ok before you spill her very, very, hot tea.

  • Tap Tap Tap – You know that moment when you are sitting on your seat and your TV isn’t working? So you Tap Tap TAP hoping it would work, changing channels, or even playing games? You might not be aware of this, but you are actually tapping the back of a person’s head. Shocking, I know! Please be aware that the tapping is annoying, try gently, or ask an air hostess to fix it for you.

  • Invest in an airplane hygiene kit – We know it must be difficult and sometimes we spend sleepless nights at airports, carrying a deodorant with you will always make you feel better and refreshed and will also make the passenger next to you, a very happy neighbor.

  • Help others – It is your duty to help the old lady carry her luggage in the overhead locker or the gentleman with his baggage. Keep mindful of others, you never know who they said goodbye to.

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