6 Spot-on Switzerland Travel Tips You Need To Know

The holiday season is here once again and many people are beginning to plan their holidays. As you plan to visit Switzerland, here are some travel tips.

1. Have your Swiss Travel Pass Ready

Before you begin booking Swiss Day tours, it’s important you have the travel documents ready. It’s easy getting around Switzerland so long as you have the Swiss Travel pass at hand.

The country has a reliable run transit system. This includes everything from boats, trains, and cars. If you are planning to fly to your destinations around the country, avoid inconveniences by ensuring you have the travel pass with you throughout. This also applies to many European countries.

2. Use Public Transportation as the First Priority

Swiss public transportation is easy to navigate. The cities feature nicely marked signage directing the visitors to the bus stations. The routes are well-marked with countdown clocks that let you know the waiting time before the next bus arrives. This is available in almost all cities and towns.

Most of the streets around the cities are friendly as well, allowing you a good time as you move from one street to another. Thus, you will not need to use taxis and this will save you more money especially when traveling long distances.

3. Feel Free to Enjoy Tap Water

Don’t buy bottled water from supermarkets. Switzerland is home to the world’s cleanest tap-running water. Buying bottled water from the shops is considered a waste of money.

The tap water that you find in Switzerland is the best-tasting water across the globe. However, if you aren’t familiar with the towns and the cities yet, you might want to keep bottled water in your travel van to quench your thirst when there is no tap water in sight.

4. Buy Chocolate from the Supermarkets

When you arrive at the airport, you will meet souvenir shops and airport kiosks selling mouthwatering assortments.

Make use of your willpower to go past these selling shops and walk to the nearest supermarkets where you will find the best Swiss chocolates waiting for you.

5. Choose the Best Swiss Travel Agents

Swiss day tours will give you the best experience provided you have chosen the best travel agent. The travel agents will help you get the documentation required to visit different cities and towns in Switzerland.

Thus, you might want to speak to your travel agent to connect you to the local day tour agents in Switzerland.

6. Carry Cash Around

Switzerland has its own currency referred to as the Swiss Franc. The country is not a member of the European Union and so most of the locals transact using the local currency. You will need cash for buying items on the streets and also you might need to use the cash for emergencies.

To avoid being charged a credit card transaction fee, carry cash with you. However, it’s good you carry the amount you are planning to spend to avoid being left with local currency when the tour of Switzerland comes to an end.

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