4 Reasons To Consider Solar Energy For Your Next Camping Trip

Solar technology has reached a point where everyone can benefit from this clean and renewable energy source, and this article points out some of the reasons why solar power is suitable for camping.

If you are like most adventurous people, camping is in your blood, and with such a vast expanse of natural wilderness to explore, sleeping under the stars is the only way to experience the wonders of nature.

Of course, when camping, one wants to be as self-sufficient as possible, and with the recent developments in solar panels and deep cycle battery technology, it is now possible to head off into the wilderness and receive all your essential power from solar rays.

If you are yet to be convinced, here are just a few of the reasons why it makes perfect sense to switch to solar energy while camping.

1. Unprecedented Level of Freedom

By investing in a solar mat and a deep cycle battery, you are no longer tied to a power source, and this means you can spend a week in the outback without having to worry about how to power all your essential appliances and gadgets.

One of the main reasons people look for campsites for an overnight stay is they need to have a power source, and with a solar power set up, you can go where you like and stay as long as you wish.

2. Eco-Friendly Camping

We are all trying to be in touch with nature, and by using solar energy, you are reducing your carbon footprint, and by getting rid of that noisy and polluting generator, you are more than doing your bit for the planet.

Setting up the system could not be easier, and when you decide to pitch camp, simply roll out the solar mat and connect it to your deep cycle battery and you have all the power you need.

Ideally, you should invest in a Lithium or an AGM deep cycle battery which will be adequate to store all the energy you need.

3. Long-Term Use

If you invest in a top-quality solar mat and a good deep-cycle battery, you can expect a good few years of trouble-free use.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) deep cycle batteries are much lighter than wet cell batteries, and not only can they handle higher temperatures, but they also discharge at a much lower rate, and with low resistance, they can receive a much higher charge.

If you would like some further reading on the topic, there are helpful articles that highlight the many advantages that solar power brings to the serious camper.

4. Convenient and Easy to Set Up

The latest generation of camping solar panels are portable and can be rolled out and laid over the vehicle’s windscreen in a few seconds, and once connected to a deep cycle battery, charging will commence immediately.

You might plan to stay at one spot for just a couple of hours, yet this is enough to give you adequate power for the night, and with so much sunshine every day, you will never again have to stop and think about where your power is coming from.

Once you have invested in solar panels and a suitable deep cycle battery, you can forget about generators, and with such a high level of independence, you are no longer restricted on your camping travels.

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