Beat the Bugs: 4 Top Strategies for Keeping Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Traveling may be a lot of fun if everything goes as planned. But, if someone in the family gets sick, the vacation can be ruined for everyone.

There are strategies to stay healthy while traveling and even enjoy the trip more. Planning trips to places that don’t have any ongoing health emergencies is a start.

Matching the trip destination and the temperatures and events to your health limitations and preferences also helps. Don’t go to a cold, cold place if you don’t do well in cold temperatures.

Plan the Trip Carefully

When you are considering a place to travel contact the visitor’s centers in advance for information. Carlsbad visitor center and others will be glad to supply information on local temperatures and weather conditions for the trip schedule. They can also give updates on local events during that time period.

Having the web pages listed for all the destinations on your trip will help you get more information. Online research is easy and convenient. Do make sure everyone is up on their vaccinations and flu shots just to be safe. Take everyone’s medications along.

When you have the trip planned, it is easier to know what to pack and what precautions will need to be planned. If you are going overseas or far enough away to travel by air, another set of precautions will apply. If the family will be taking a car trip, plan safe stays in good hotels.

Making your hotel room healthier involves steps such as checking the room for bed bugs before unpacking. Check the bed and the upholstered furniture. Remove the bedspread before using the bed.

Bring your own disinfectant and disinfect commonly touched or used items. Try to let in natural light by opening draperies, and bring your own healthy snacks. If windows open, do so for better air quality, and always use non-smoking rooms.

Once You Arrive at the Trip Destination

There are four important considerations to follow once at the travel destination: 

  • Get enough sleep to recover from the stress of travel and the activities during the day. When you are tired, rest. Your body will tell you when it needs rest, so listen to it. Along with staying well-rested, try to pace yourself to avoid getting over-tired. Allow enough time to see everything without rushing from place to place.
  • Try to do some stretches before starting each day of activities and when the day is done. This is also a good time to do some breathing exercises to counter stress when traveling. Use the hotel fitness center to do some exercises or, if you have an exercise routine at home, continue it on the trip. Try to have a schedule you keep for exercising.
  • Eating and drinking the correct things is important. You must stay hydrated all the time. Think about taking a reusable water bottle and keeping it filled with safe water and with you at all times. Avoid drinking too much alcohol and sweet drinks as they will add too many calories and disrupt your sleep. Don’t skip breakfast. Eat a good breakfast every day to provide fuel for your day. During the day, pick healthier food options such as more vegetables and fruit. Consider making your own meals in the hotel room.
  • Protect your skin from the sun at all times. Also, use insect repellent if there are mosquitoes or other biting insects around. Don’t forget to take your medications and vitamins. And, don’t forget to carry wet wipes and hand sanitizer with you everywhere and use them.

Safe and healthy vacations just take a little preparation and common sense.

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