6 Beaches You Should Visit Near Honolulu

Honolulu boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It seems there’s a breathtaking beach for every mood. So, when you visit the pacific paradise, pick from these enticing, top beach spots.

Waikiki Beach

Obviously the most famous Honolulu Beach, Waikiki is also one of the most impressive. Lined by thick green palm trees, the gleaming white sand is home to countless fun cultural and beach events from concerts to volleyball and surfing competitions.

Even if you don’t swim you still need to visit Waikiki Beach. Dozens of popular bars and restaurants line up along the shore because this is the tourist center of the island. Try the RumFire in the Sheraton Waikiki, or the Hau Tree Bar, where you can sip cocktails under the Hau Tree. You can find out more about these local hot spots and affordable, nearby hotels via sites like gogobot.com.

Kawela Bay

Snorkeling at Kawela Bay and adjacent Turtle Bay beaches is extraordinary. On the north tip of the island, the crisp, clear water lays like glass over a sandy, rocky bottom. Hundreds of sea creatures including the elusive Hawaiian sea turtle frequent the calm inlets here. It’s a much more relaxed beach without the noise and bustle of Waikiki.

Makapuu Beach Park

Situated east of Honolulu, Makapuu Beach Park is an ideal spot if you want to test your meddle in the surf. Rimmed by high cliffs, and exposed to rip currents, the beach is home to some of the larger waves on the island. So, it’s the perfect place for body surfing. This beach is not ideal for a calm, morning swim, however.

If you don’t want to get wet it is still a beautiful place to visit for the scenic clash of volcanic cliffs and crystal blue water. Just around the bend, you’ll also find Makapuu Lighthouse overlooking the landscape.

Sunset Beach

An excellent spot for surfing in Hawaii, Sunset Beach is two miles of pure white sand and crashing waves. If you love to surf, you have to visit. If you don’t take a day to enjoy the sites of other surfers braving the towering waves. It’s also host to a surfing championship, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing held in the winter months.

Lanikai Beach

For a relaxing day on the sand go to Lanikai Beach–a rim of soft white sand reaching into warm crystalline waters. Just lying on this beach is about as soothing as a full-body massage. The beach is an accent to a palm-lined residential area, so it’s quiet and fairly detached from the action on Waikiki.

There are two islands just offshore, and if you are up for the adventure, rent a kayak and paddle out to see wildlife up close.

Ala Moana Beach Park

If you have kids, this beach is the perfect spot. Sheltered by reefs, the water is still and calm. It is normally less crowded than Waikiki, so it’s the ideal place to eat, relax and have fun. The beach includes picnic tables and is ideal for jogging, paddle boarding, and beach games.

What are some of your favorite island beaches? Share your secret spots in the comments below.

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