5 Best Tropical Islands of the World

Planning for a vacation? Tropical islands are the best choice for having a fantastic vacation. Want a perfect and luxurious trip? Escape to tropical islands for ensuring the beauty of the world. Feel the essence of turquoise water, fresh breeze, palm trees, and much more. Tropical islands are counted in the list of the world’s most gorgeous islands you should not miss of. Tourists often enjoy visiting tropical islands for escaping harsh winter aside. The comparison indicates traveling to these islands is cheaper as compared to the most expensive beaches in the world. If traveling with kids, Tropical Island proves the best because of its humid climate. And humid climate is favorable for kids’ health.

Tropical islands provide among the best gateway to a stressful and hectic life. Traveling to these islands will lead you to the happiness of sitting back and watching for beautiful scenic sunset under the palm tree. Many amazing tropical destinations are waiting for your exploration of nature. Thinking of budget? Well, traveling to tropical destinations will not break down your bank account. Even traveling here is cheap and affordable for tourists. It is advisable of having a watch in the off-season rather than peak ones. It will be less expensive and you will be served with the beautiful hospitality of the locals. Tropical Island presents a variety of list of areas such as Bali, the Maldives, Fiji, and much more places to travel and explore your experience.

Best tropical islands in the world

Bali, Indonesia

Bali will lead you in leaving a lifetime impression of your journey to tropical islands. Everyone wants to explore Bali. Bali is said to be one of the most beautiful islands you will find in Indonesia. It symbolizes the beauty of nature, reliable surfing, beautiful temples, luxurious hotels, and fine sandy beaches.

Historical architecture and monuments are at the beauty at its core. If you feel bored of beaches, there are many more ways to explore Bali. Make a visit to the huge volcanoes and mesmerizing forests flushed with green trees. If you are interested in peace and Serenity, Bali is the right choice for spending your vacation.

Bali is well-known for many of its specialties like yoga and meditation, enjoying the perfect nightlife at Kuta beach, and being the most romantic place for newlyweds.

Seychelles, Africa

Seychelles is a paradise filtering with deep blue sea, lush green trees with timing marine life and a pinch of the unspoiled shore are the perfect description for this pretty faced island. But, it is not just a pretty faced tropical island, it is way more than you have expected. Some interesting fact about this island is pirates used to seek in for hiding themselves, it is also believed a pirate named Olivier Le Vasseur hid approximately 100000 euros deep into the land till the present time. You will get the chance to explore the uninhabited that are reserved under nature. A perfect island described for relaxing and setting tranquil vacation of your life.

Approximately 115 islands are included in Seychelles which shows its capacity for beauty adhering. Victoria, the capital of Seychelles is one of the smallest capitals in the whole world.

You are going to explore and learn something really interesting if planning of visiting Seychelles Tropical Island for your trip.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

One of the most romantic tropical islands is Bora Bora Island. Well, it is more than a romantic deal with your better half. It is said, once you visit Bora Bora, you are never going to forget the experience. From the very beginning day to the last part of the place, wow is the only expression felt. The blue lagoon, beautiful mountainous peaks, and most importantly the over-floating bungalows are more mesmerizing and fascinating than the pictures. Bora Bora is known for their honeymoon in paradise.

It is no less than a scenic natural beauty added with posh resorts and tinny over-floating bungalows with the supplement of a private pool.

You should not miss the view of a dormant volcano that is situated on Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu which shows the highest peak point of Bora Bora providing a distinctive view of the art of nature and its beauty.

Big Island, Hawaii

One of the biggest islands of Hawaii ultimately boils down to the beauty of nature. Hawaii’s biggest island is the only tropical island you might want to see. What separates it from others? The volcano national park is situated in it. Enjoy the scenic beauty of volcanoes, climb up from the old tubes, and explore your view of oceanic lava oozing into the ocean in the sky on this trip. One of the most active volcanoes is explored and watched here.

Just like its name, it comprises an entirely natural element such as huge waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and most important fascinating and favorable weather for visiting it any time.

It is interesting to know, a very small part of Big Islands does not belong to the Hawaiian government. The largest contiguous ranch is located on Big Island and it is approximately 480000 acres huge.

Cooks Island, South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand

Cook Island comprises 15 small islands which are situated in the South Pacific Ocean. It is counted in the list of exotic destinations for travelers. Approximately 100000 tourists visit it every year. Excited to know more about it? The Cook Islands are the second largest producer of black pearls. It is well known for its wood carving designs and exhibits its generation of carving too.

The island stretches up to 2.2 million square kilometers of ocean and 250 land square kilometers. Among the most relaxed tropical island is Cooks Island, where you can forget your stress and let loose your tensions. Its local taste and culture will welcome you with open hearts. Do not miss the island Saturday market that is located at Avarua. Explore the beauty of heritage churches with supplements of white coral effects. Lastly, the beauty of nature works like a cherry on the cake for the tourists who are pleasing of visiting for a tropical island for their vacation.

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