Busting Myths Against Single Travel

There’s no such thing as a travel season. People tend to get these ideas about travel, mostly in order to come up with excuses not to do it. Why wouldn’t they want to travel? After all, it seems to be everyone’s dream to travel the world.

Well, travel is tiring. It was expensive. And it takes you out of your comfort zone. But if those are downsides (which I might argue), there are a million rewards to be gained from traveling. The easiest way to find them is to start debunking common travel myths. I’ll list a couple to get you going, and then it’s your turn.

Busting Myths Against Single Travel

Travel is too time-consuming!

This is one of the myths about travel that seems to be self-perpetuating. Sure, it takes some time and effort to plan a trip. Yes, travel keeps you from accomplishing other things. But isn’t that the point? To get away from your everyday life, and spend some time doing something new. Isn’t that time well spent? What would you be doing otherwise? Staying at home, thinking about how you should do more with your life.

As far as planning the trip goes, the internet has made things a lot quicker than they used to be. You can find deals, arrange transportation, and plan the most efficient itinerary in the time you would usually be watching a movie. If you’re a multi-tasker, you don’t even have to give up the film. But just because the internet exists doesn’t mean you have to do all the planning yourself; instead, there are plenty of services that can take care of some of the multitasking for you.

Travel agencies still exist, and if you’re looking for personalized help, seeing a local agency offers the benefit of experience planning trips for others in your area. For instance, folk from North Carolina can benefit from a Charlotte, NC insurance agency, which can get them travel insurance while providing advice on other ways to save time and money on their trip.

But I have no one to travel with…

There is no reason that you can’t travel by yourself. Yes, you need to take precautions, but you should do that when going to the grocery store alone too. And travel alone has tons of benefits. You get to keep your own schedule and change your mind as you see fit, and you are not bound by being with a person who expects you to behave a certain way. Travel should be freeing, and when you’re on your own, you’re more open to acting differently, as opposed to behaving how you believe others expect you to. Who knows, − you might meet some new people, including a new side of yourself.

Aren’t cruises for couples?

Speaking of breaking stereotypes about single travel, there is no reason that a cruise has to be a “romantic getaway”. Some people may find cruises romantic, but I think they are perfect for single travel. After all, cruise ship rooms are pretty small; why would you want to share that? Granted, a single room can cost more than sharing, but to my mind, it’s worth some alone time.

And when you think about it, there is no alone time on a ship. When you’re not in your room, you are surrounded by people. Would you rather spend your cruise trying to hear each other over the hustle and bustle and being annoyed at not getting any “quality time” together, or would you rather spend it engaged with people and experiences that you’ll never find back at home?

As stated previously, whether you travel alone or in a pack, you should always have safety on your mind. But with the right precautions, single travel can be great any time of year, and who knows? It might be the perfect opportunity to meet someone. What are myths that you’ve heard or used as excuses not to get out and see the world?