How to Plan an Enjoyable Alabama RV Vacation

The act of taking a vacation doesn’t seem that hard, but if you’ve ever planned one before, you know how deceptively difficult it can be.

One way to take control of your vacation is to hop in an RV! By renting an RV from Outdoorsy, you can skip airplanes, crowded cars, and expensive hotels. It’s the first step in planning the perfect vacation!

But, it will take much more than renting an RV to make sure your entire family has a good time. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you plan the most enjoyable Alabama vacation possible.

How to Plan an Enjoyable Alabama RV Vacation

Plan Ahead

It is important to plan your vacation. Not only because it helps you narrow in on the experiences you want to have while you’re gone, but it also helps you get excited. Some studies show that planning a vacation is more fun than the vacation itself!

Plan out your route and choose what kinds of things you want to do while you’re on vacation. By doing a little research, you can make sure your family will enjoy the activities you choose.

Don’t Plan Too Much

Although you should plan your vacation, that doesn’t mean you should plan it down to the last detail. It’s actually better not to plan your vacation too carefully.

Planning a vacation can be exciting, but spending time planning things perfectly makes you feel obligated to do them. If you plan out every aspect of your day, you may start to feel more like you’re keeping appointments than doing enjoyable activities you actually want to do.

Instead, plan one thing to do every day and leave the rest of your schedule open to doing things on a whim, even if it just means an impromptu afternoon nap.

Go Easy on the Overtime

As much fun as planning the vacation can be, it isn’t any fun preparing for it at work and dealing with the aftermath when you return. To make things easier, many people will put in extra hours right before their vacation and cram in more work after they return.

This can actually be worse than not taking a vacation at all! Instead, spread out your extra work over weeks instead of days, or delegate certain things to coworkers.

End on a High Note

It’s scientifically proven that you’ll remember having a better time on vacation if you save the best thing for last. In Alabama, that means:

  • Ride the Ducks
  • Visit the first White House of the Confederacy
  • Board the Battleship USS Alabama
  • Take the Mystery Tour in Montgomery
  • Visit Little River Canyon, National Park
  • Splash around at Adventure Island
  • Choose one from the list that your family is likely to enjoy the most!

Sometimes planning an enjoyable vacation means doing less planning than you think. It definitely means going easy on the overtime and planning the best thing for last. With the tips on this list, you’ll have a great time while you’re away from home and you’ll look back fondly on your vacation in the future.

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