review of the Osprey Farpoint 40-litre backpack

 My review of the Osprey Farpoint 40-litre backpack I just bought Sarah for our trip to Thailand. Sarah has always been a suitcase girl but I think Osprey may have just changed her mind.


This bag's style is overall very nice in my opinion as it keeps unnecessary designs to a minimum which is exactly what I was looking for as it's best not to attract too much attention when travelling with crazy, out-there designs on your backpack.

The only designs on this backpack are a couple of the Osprey logos that are eagles which actually look quite nice. As for the colour, we chose lagoon blue however there are many different colours available depending on your own style.

Capacity and Compartments

This backpack has a capacity of 40 litres which is more than enough room especially if you’re only going to travel for a short amount of time such as 2 weeks to a month. The amount of essential items and clothes you can get into the backpack is actually quite amazing especially as you can always push in a bit more and flatten it down so it still fits as your carry-on flight bag.

Now as for the compartments, this bag has as many as you could possibly need, I’d even say it was verging on excessive. There are zips to compartments that open to reveal more zips to more compartments, it’s like one of those Russian dolls. However, that’s exactly what an enthusiastic traveller wants and if you’re like me and want to organize everything into a certain place then this is seriously a bag I would recommend.

Lastly, I thought I would mention one of the handiest features of the backpack and that’s the fact it even has a compartment to zip away the straps on the back which can come in handy in many situations.


The extra padded straps on this backpack will ensure that no matter how long you’re wearing it, it will remain comfortable. This is probably one of the most important parts of any travel backpack as you will be wearing this for extended periods of time with practically everything you have with you weighing on your shoulders. The general rule with comfort with backpacks is that you get what you pay for and as this is a top-range backpack it will be more comfortable than a cheaper one.


This backpack must be one of the most well-made and strongest I’ve come across for the price, although I can’t give a definitive answer on the durability as I have yet to test this particular backpack travelling, I can give a score on what I can see and feel.

The Osprey Farpoint 40L is made using super tough materials which you can really feel when you hold this pack, something extreme would have to happen to tear or break this apart. This is also due to the rigid back as well as the materials it is made of, the rigid back really adds support and structure to this already very well-made and solid backpack.

Value For Money

Overall this backpack is perfect for anyone if they choose to go travelling, it consistently scored top scores throughout this review for a reason and that are you get what you pay for. 185$ may be quite steep but once you’ve bought this backpack you’ll soon realise you’ll never need to buy another one for quite a few years (unless you lose it). So think of it as an investment for your travels, probably the best investment you’ll ever make.