Enjoy the Ride: How to Keep Yourself Entertained on a Road Trip

Part of what makes road-tripping a fun way to travel is the bonding experience. For the next few hours (or days, depending on how far you’re traveling) you’re in a vehicle with your significant other, friends, and/or family, free from outside distractions which creates an opportunity for you to enjoy each other’s company along the way. That is, of course, as long as you’ve planned some fun and entertainment for the ride. 

Check out these unique ways to stay entertained during a long car trip: 

Choose Travel Companions You Enjoy

A long car ride is only as fun as the people you’re traveling with. If you opt to plan a road trip with someone you share no real interests with or your personalities clash, chances are it won’t be much fun. Opt to go with people you know who are outgoing, fun, and spontaneous. 

Drive the Scenic Route

It can get pretty boring riding past nothing but trees and rest stops. So, why not travel the scenic route? This way, you and your travel companions have various attractions to keep you entertained. Looking at picturesque views, shopping centers, neighborhoods, and tourist attractions along the way helps to break up the monotony and can be great for starting a conversation. 

Bring a Mobile Device (or Two)

When you run out of things to talk about, technology can be your best friend on a road trip. You can easily pull out your laptop or tablet and watch movies, stream television shows, browse websites, check social media, play games, shop, and so much more. Just be sure you remember to purchase wireless or car chargers to keep your devices juiced up. 

Pack Vapes

While smoking cigarettes might cause an issue for the driver if they’re not smokers (and really stink up the ride), vaping is a lot more road-trip friendly. There’s no odor to worry about making it a lot less complicated to smoke in a car. Vaping is also one of the ways to live healthier in that you can purchase e-liquid with less nicotine (an addictive and extremely harmful chemical found in cigarettes) or no nicotine at all. If your travel companions are vapers too you can have a great time trying new flavors along the ride. 

Download a Mean Playlist

When you’re traveling across state lines and through certain areas, you may find it hard to get a decent radio station. That’s where having a killer playlist comes in handy. Music is one of the ultimate forms of entertainment while you’re on the road. You can play car karaoke and sing along to your favorite tunes or sit and reminisce about times past. 

Download an Audio Book

Are you and your travel companions a fan of books? While reading out loud to the other passengers might be a bit daunting, you can always download audiobooks that interest you. You can listen aloud on the car radio or you can plug in some earbuds and listen to the book yourself. 

Plan Stops Along the Way

Sitting in the car for hours at a time can make even the most fun and outgoing person frustrated after a while. To keep yourselves entertained along the way, be sure to plan stops along the way. Plan your route in advance and look for interesting things to get into. Maybe there’s a museum or an amusement park you’ve always wanted to visit, a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, or some other activity that will change the pace of your trip for a few hours. 

Play Car Games

Last, but not least, car games are an easy and free way to stay entertained on a road trip. There are so many to choose from. You can play eye spy, 20 questions, the license plate game, or two truths and a lie. Not only are these car games fun, but they can be altered to work for all ages. 

The reality is, you don’t have to wait until you arrive at your destination to have fun on a road trip. Though you’re confined to a vehicle for hours at a time, with a bit of planning and preparation, you can have an amazing time the whole way there. Hopefully, you’ll use some of these ideas on your next road trip to create the experience of a lifetime. 

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