Creative ideas for a travel-themed wedding

Whether your nuptials will actually involve you jetting across the world with your closest family and friends, or you instead plan to remain close to home and merely give your attendees the impression that they have been transported to the opposite end of the globe, there are plenty of creative travel-themed wedding ideas that you can try.

We are well-placed to know this here at Château Bouffémont; we are an extraordinary stone-built residence located in the heart of the Montmorency Forest in France, just 20 minutes away from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

So, what are some of the best ways to evoke that spirit of travel on your big day, even if you’re only set to get married in your hometown?

Travel-themed invitations

Just imagine invitations to your wedding that have been designed to resemble passports or boarding passes, except that it’s your names as a couple and that of your recipients detailed on them instead.

Be sure to include the date and destination, of course!

Second-hand books as table centrepieces

This is a great excuse to raid your nearest flea market or musty second-hand bookshop.

Place some vintage or retro hardback tomes – their spines referring to various exotic locations around the world – on your tables, topped with a globe, to get your guests wondering what honeymoon destination you might have lined up.

Subtle cake detailing

It is possible to have a cake created that closely adheres to a travel theme – one that resembles a suitcase, for example.

However, even if for any reason this is not the case with your wedding cake, you can make rather more understated touches, such as the application of little edible stamps or the incorporation of various map styles into the first tier of the cake.

Use travel-related phrases

If you’re looking to stencil walls and surfaces at your wedding venue with thought-provoking phrases, there’s a good number of travel-related ones – such as ‘come fly with me’ or ‘homeward bound’ – that you might want to give a go.

Indeed, the Rough Guides site has even put together 50 inspirational travel quotes from which you might select if you’re struggling for ideas.

Highlight where your guests came from

This is naturally a much easier touch to make to your travel-themed wedding if you have actually decided to tie the knot in an obvious international destination, such as the enchanting surroundings of Château Bouffémont.

It can also manifest in various ways. You may have a map instead of a guestbook, for instance, in which guests are invited to push a pin to indicate how far they have travelled to watch you formalise your union.

Jet off to a truly amazing destination

The ultimate travel-themed wedding will surely always be one that involves you transporting your guests to interesting or exotic climes.

There can surely be few better choices than a historic French chateau, particularly when it is the magnificent and historic Château Bouffémont is also situated just 30 kilometres from the centre of Paris, presenting an obvious opportunity for ambitious day trips.

Hopefully, the above ideas will be useful ones with which to get started when you are seeking to put together the most memorable travel-themed wedding. If you have any favourite tips of your own, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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