The world’s most charming guesthouses

If you asked a crowd of people what separates a guesthouse from a hotel, most of them would tell you that a guesthouse feels more like home, while a hotel tends to feel more indirect and less personal. Now, this isn’t a bad thing: sometimes exactly what we need is a hotel. But a hotel can’t give you what a guesthouse can, it doesn’t always feel cozy, or like a home away from home.

It’s in these ways that a guesthouse works its magic, and it’s the reason they remain popular – because every guesthouse carries its own little charm along with it, the kind of charm that makes you walk through its front door and feel welcome, at home, and like a truly valued guest. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most charming guesthouses; the ones likely to have you wishing you could extend your stay!

Constantia Villa, Cape Town

This gorgeous guesthouse sits in the heart of the Constantia Valley, surrounded by the Peninsula Mountains in South Africa. It features fantastic guest house accommodation which boasts delicious al fresco dining, complete privacy, a central and convenient base for exploring Cape Town, and a range of facilities, including a comfortable lounge, a fully equipped kitchen, a quiet study, and a fully enclosed garden with a sparkling pool. This villa really values the feeling of exclusivity, only allowing itself to be let to one party of up to eight guests at a time.

255West Guesthouse, New York

A four-room guesthouse located in upper Manhattan, 255West Guesthouse boasts a 130-year-old history and puts a lot of emphasis on the “home away from home” feeling, promising to provide a quality experience of both comfort and privacy. Get a taste of local New York with restaurants located just a few blocks from the Guesthouse, on top of everything else, each of the four guestrooms are named after the owner’s pet Chihuahua (they have their own separate apartment), so you can be sure you won’t be forgetting this “home away from home” any time soon.

The Vancouver Hideaway Guesthouse, Vancouver

Not all guesthouses are hidden away in the countryside. The Vancouver Hideaway Guesthouse does its hiding in plain sight. Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and only blocks away from many of Vancouver’s top attractions. The Hideaway is calm and private, while still giving you access to all the wonders of shopping, entertainment, dining, and sightseeing. All else considered you can also expect comfortable and cozy rooms, along with excellent customer service.

Yunishigawa Onsen Heike no Sho, Japan

The oldest guesthouse on the list, established in 1718, this traditional Japanese-style inn is recognized as one of the top 10 guesthouses in Japan. Step into a gorgeous mix of ancient Japan and retro-modern aesthetics. This guesthouse boasts a spa, as well as completely natural hot springs for each guest to unwind in. A truly authentic and wonderfully sensuous Japanese experience awaits.

Just so Cottage, Winslow, England

When most people imagine a guesthouse, they think of a quaint, relaxing home in the countryside with warm beds, a relaxed pace, and hospitable staff.  The Just so Cottage in Winslow, England, ticks all of these boxes. The cottage itself is a 400-year-old historical building located in the lovely market town of Winslow. It’s the classic English country cottage, eager to make you feel right at home. When you consider the delicious homemade breakfast, the award-winning garden, and the cozy, comfortable rooms, you can’t help but wonder why you haven’t booked your stay yet.

Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse, Iceland

Look up to the Northern Lights in awe, or enjoy an evening in the Geothermal hot tub, whichever way you spin it, you’re going to have more than a few incredible memories of this place. A 20-minute drive from Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, this little cottage is located on a working farm, boasting an incredible view of the valley, as well as freshly baked bread ready and waiting for you each morning for breakfast. Many people only see pictures of the Northern Lights, why not spend a few evenings at a guesthouse which sits right beneath them?

In many cultures, the guest is a highly esteemed person. And when entering a home they’ve been invited to, they’re immediately made to feel welcome, comfortable, important, and at home. It’s no surprise then that guesthouses have always managed to stay popular. The idea of escaping the office for some time away will forever be an experience that appeals to all, and one that we can’t help but look forward to with excitement!

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