Tips and Tricks for Cheap Plane Tickets

 Anyone who’s ever traveled abroad on a plane knows the amount of hassle it is to get everything you need ready before you actually leave for your vacation. You have to make sure you’ve packed everything, you’ve got all the relevant tickets, passports, visas, and any medication you may need, and that is just to name a few things.

Then imagine during the flight, after all, that worry and stress, you realize you could’ve got to your destination but for a lot cheaper than what you paid, that’s not a thought you want in your head when jetting off on holiday.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid most of the above stress that comes with flying but you can make sure you get the cheapest travel possible, so read on to find out some of our top tips on how.

Tips and Tricks for Cheap Plane Tickets

Shop Around

The top tip we can give you when looking for the cheapest air tickets would be to shop around, and never just look at that one airline you’ve always flown with, as this could be costing you quite a bit of money.

Use Comparison Sites

Use comparison sites for the cheapest air tickets, they offer a huge variety of flights from numerous different airlines that are placed in price order so you can easily see the ones that are the cheapest.

They even let you modify your search criteria in many ways to suit your needs, such as looking for flights departing in the morning, evening, or night, picking the airlines you want to see offered, direct or nondirect flights, changing the currency, and many more.

Clear your Cookies

Another valuable piece of advice we can give you would be to clear your cookie history as this little-known fact could be the difference between a cheap flight and a price you have to look twice at.

Some people will tell you this makes no difference but have you ever searched for a particular flight numerous times and each time it comes up more and more expensive? Booking this way plays directly into the airline's hands by forcing more money out of you for the exact same flight so always remember to clear your internet cookies.

Choose the Cheapest Day/Month to Fly

Your departure day also makes a difference as flying out at the beginning of the week or at the weekend is usually more expensive than a midweek flight. If you’re not fussy about the day you fly then this is definitely something you should consider as it could save you some extra cash that could be better used as spending money.

The month you fly also makes a difference as we all know going on holiday when the schools are on a break can sometimes double or triple the price, so if you can avoid these then that will obviously save you a huge amount.

Book Early

Finally, if this holiday is a fair amount of time away then as soon as you commit to going you should look for and book your flights using the tips above as usually the earlier you book then the cheaper it is.

Never leave it till the day, week or month before as we can guarantee you’ll be paying well over the odds.

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