Tips for Staying Cool in Hot Exotic Locations

 Traveling to exotic locations can be fun, but many of them are also in very warm climates. To help keep your body comfortable, these tips will help you to stay cool. By doing so, you will be able to fully enjoy your travels!

Light Colored Clothing

Pack light-colored clothing when you will be traveling to hot exotic locations. They will help you to avoid getting as hot. Try to avoid clothing made out of denim too because it is heavier. Cotton clothing will allow the air to circulate and for you to be more comfortable. This is a great choice if you travel to a location that is very humid. Light-colored clothing doesn’t attract heat as much as darker clothing does.


It may be cooler in the morning, then heat up, and then get cool again. Dressing in layers though will help you to be able to have some room to work with. You can take off additional items or put them on depending on those changes. For example, wear a pair of shorts and a tank top but have a pair of light pants and a shirt you can put on over the tank top in case you get chilly later on. A wide-brimmed hat is also a good idea to keep the sun from beating down on your head and face.

Drink Water

Make sure you drink plenty of water so that you stay hydrated and your body temperature is cooler. Don’t drink lots of water at once and then go for a period of time without it. Instead, drink a small amount frequently throughout the day. In some locations, the drinking water isn’t the best so make sure you have bottled water with you that you can always access. Avoid consuming alcohol during the heat because it will increase the chances of you becoming dehydrated.


Placing a bandana around your neck and around your forehead is a cheap and easy way to help stay cool in a hot exotic location. You can wet them and then tie them in place. Wet them every couple of hours, more frequently if you notice they are completely dry.

Hand Mister

There are some hand mister devices that are fun and also easy to use for staying cool. They are often water bottles and you can press the trigger for the mister to release some water that will cool you off. Avoid those handheld fans though as they will do nothing more than circulate the hot air around you.

Activity Planning

Be conscious of the heat when you travel and plan your activities accordingly. For example, the early morning and early evening can be great times to go exploring. During the heat of the day, relax in your room, enjoy the swimming pool or the beach, or visit an indoor location such as a museum. Try to avoid being outdoors during the hottest part of the day. Following these tips for staying cool in hot exotic locations will help you enjoy your travels!

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