Tips for a Great Easter Getaway

 Easter is a beautiful, moving holiday, with nice traditional meals and events all over the Christian world. For some, it’s a feast in the family, but for others, it provides the perfect occasion to stop to play online pokies on the couch and see some unique things in the lives of other nations for a change. Here are some tips on where to travel this Easter.

1. Romantic Easter Dinner on the Danube in Budapest, Hungary

Like most nations, Hungarians have their own set of Easter traditions. For Europeans Easter is a religious holiday spent by the family, but the capital of Hungary has many attractions for those planning to visit during the holiday.

One of the most memorable things to do in Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, is a dinner cruise on the Danube. The cruise takes one hour and a half, and guests can enjoy the city’s unique scenery in the evening while consuming a nice meal – with live music offered by the talented Hungaria Orchestra.

2. Easter Mass at the Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice, Italy

Easter is a holiday at par with Christmas for Italians. It is a very moving and religious event when families gather around the table to consume a traditional meal, with lamb and Colomba (the Easter version of the well-known Christmas dessert, Panettone).

Attending the Easter mass at Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice can offer visitors a new perspective on the famous church. Besides, attending the late night mass there is incredibly moving and touching – hundreds of candles accompanied by the sound of the bells at night.

3. Dance of Death in Verges, Spain

“Dansa de la Mort” (Dance of Death) is one of the most original Easter celebrations in Verges, a city in the Girona region of Catalonia. The Dansa de la Mort is probably the last “dance of death” remaining in Europe, performed every Holy Tuesday since the Middle Ages. This dance represents the equality of all souls – men and women – before the final trial.

The protagonists of the dance are jumping skeletons, joined by dancers in black robes on the stage. Thousands of visitors enjoy this traditional event on Easter Tuesday every year – it offers insight into the traditions of Catalonia.

Verges is easily accessible from Barcelona. Visitors can explore the sights of the region – the walled city of Girona, with buildings bearing the influence of the nations that have passed through the region. The performance of the Passion of the Christ usually starts at 22:00 local time, with amateur actors recreating the traditional passion play, followed by the drums and dances of the skeletons. A fascinating and unique event.

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