Ways to entertain yourself during a delay

Experiencing a flight delay is one of the most boring things in the world! You buy your tickets, prepare your luggage, plan the time of your arrival and everything, but, suddenly, your plane is late and you are stuck at the airport only with the feeling of anger because your plans for the day can be ruined.

Luckily, today the technology we have can save us from boredom. We can always just gaze at our phones, chat, use our tablets to watch movies, watch sports matches or simply listen to music. Read on to learn how to successfully fight boredom when the delay happens!

1.    Read a Book

A lot of people bring books with them when traveling. Most of them, however, plan to read it during the flight. It is a good hobby that can entertain you and help you to spend your time in a better and more interesting way. But, if you find yourself in a situation where a delay occurs, having a book can be of great help! Especially if it’s the novel you love. Reading will cheer you up and entertain you just enough to not feel the boredom of waiting.

2.    Sleep

Even though sleeping in an airport sounds a little funny, it can actually be very beneficial. However, not all the airports will allow you that, especially if you have to wait the whole night. But, some will, and, if you are lucky, you can try this method. Time will pass and you will get some rest! Before considering the sleeping option, find out if your airport supports the idea and equip yourself.

3.    Have a Conversation

Talking to someone can help you release your anger or it can simply help the time to pass faster. If you’re going on a flight together with someone, this won’t be a problem. And if your waiting time is not too long. If you’re alone, try to find someone for a friendly conversation, perhaps the person that is sharing your problem of experiencing the flight delay and being bored!

4.    Watch a Movie

Watching a movie is very similar to reading a book! There are a few electronic devices you can use for this. For example, your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. This activity will also cheer you up, entertain you and make the time pass faster. You can always bring your headphones with you so you can listen to a movie without interrupting others. Before going on a trip, always carry an electronic device with you and have some of your favorite movies downloaded!

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