5 of the Best Gastronomic Destinations in Spain

Spain is a country famous for its vibrant culture, incredible nightlife, and spectacular cuisine including cheeses, wines, and seafood.

If you’re a fan of gastronomy, it may be difficult to decide which part of Spain to go for, as many areas have their own enticing regional dishes. That’s why the team at TruTripper has offered up some of the best gastronomic regions in Spain, to narrow down your search so you can experience some of the best places to eat in the country!

Balearic Islands

If you’re looking to sample some of the tastiest seafood in the world, you should look no further than the Balearic Islands. Here you can expect to find traditional Spanish cuisine, amongst regional delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else in Spain.

The ‘Sobrasada de Cerdo Negro’ sausage is a sweet and spicy meat made from the Balearic pig. This variation of sausage came from Mallorca and is unique because the humid Mallorcan climate affects the curing process, making it softer than other similar cured meats found on the mainland.


This region is situated in the north of Spain and is home to the celebrated Cantabrian cuisine. Cantabria is known for its flavorsome comfort food and many unique recipes and dishes have emerged from the area, such as cocido montañes.

Cocido montañes is a hearty bean stew made of white beans, pork, potatoes, wine, and a variety of vegetables. The dish was originally created to fight against the cold conditions in the Cantabrian mountains, making it the perfect dish to enjoy on a rainy day.


Extremadura produces many spectacular culinary delights, rightfully earning its title as one of the best gastronomic destinations in the country. This region is the home of the Iberian pig, which produces one of the finest cured hams in the world. It is also the birthplace of one of the country’s most celebrated cheeses, Torta del Casar.

If you want to treat yourself to some truly exceptional food in Extremadura, be sure to visit the two times Michelin-starred restaurant, Atrio. Head chef, Tono, uses a mix of local ingredients in his dishes and adds his own twist to create a beautiful, eclectic menu.


‘Classical’ is the best way to describe Aragonese cuisine. Meats such as lamb, venison, and wild boar are staples in many dishes from this region, typically combined with vegetables, herbs, and spices to create tasty soups and stews.

Frutas de Aragon is the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. These treats are made of sugared candied fruits such as pear, apple, and apricot. They are then covered in chocolate and packaged individually, making them the perfect on-the-go treat.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is the perfect place to experience authentic Spanish cuisine. These diverse islands are home to a wide range of spectacular dishes, including Papas Arrugadas.

Papas Arrugadas is a unique dish that involves boiling potatoes in heavily salted water. This gives the potatoes a wrinkled, salty exterior, making them easy to enjoy on their own or with a simple sauce.

The Canary Islands are also home to a variety of traditional wines, so if you fancy a tipple, why not explore what’s on offer.

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