What to Do in Phuket in Summer?

What does your dream hold for a tropical destination? Does it include fine white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and palm trees a-plenty? Flying to Phuket, Thailand will fulfill that dream. And it’s not as expensive as you might think; this paradise caters to travelers of all levels. Located on the west coast of Thailand, it typically enjoys warm weather all year round.

Phuket in Summer

Here are the top things to do in Phuket. Grab your swimsuit, shades, and beach bag – and let’s go!

Explore the Beaches

Cherng Talay caters to a bit more upscale clientele, with its high-end resorts of the Laguna Complex. This is a good place to rent an apartment or villa, and you will find many ex-pats here. The area has a relaxed vibe, with great international restaurants, beach clubs, and bars.

On Singh Beach, if you can, rent a motorbike or car, as there is lots to explore. The elusive Laem Singh Beach has steep steps in order to reach it, making it a very quiet beach and somewhat private. Some fantastic snorkeling can be had here.

Go Island Hopping

Phuket this summer

Ko Phi Phi is a cluster of six islands, the most visited of which are Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Lee. The latter is uninhabited and known for the very picturesque Maya Bay (featured in the movie, ‘The Beach.’)

Phang Nga Bay National Park is located to the northeast and James Bond island is nearby (featured on ‘The Man with the Golden Gun.’) The area consists of about 100 islands and day tours are available, as this is a very popular area.

Ko Hung is an uninhabited paradise located in Phang Nga Bay. With soft white sand and incredible views of limestone cliffs along emerald waters, this is the perfect spot to relax and do some snorkeling in the gentle waves. You can book a tour here, as well.

Visiting any of these makes a great day trip from Phuket. Just remember to take it slowly and not try to visit them all at once!

Visit Magnificent Temples

Big Buddha, situated on a mountain top, is awe-inspiring. The looming temple can be seen from most locales around the southern part of the island. The view from the top is the most impressive, however, with some magnificent viewpoints as you make your way up the mountain.

Chalong is a recognizable symbol of Thailand and a shining example of a traditional temple. The largest in Phuket, it is ornately decorated with stunning colors and many images of Buddha from Thai mythology.

Colorful Nightlife

Phuket this summer

At the northern end of the island is Phuket Bay, where you will find some trendy places to hang out after the sun goes down. Patong, in the middle of the island, has a main strip called Soi Bangla, with a colorful selection of discos, beer bars, and go-go bars. And then there are the night markets! For the shopaholics, delight in a wide array of handmade crafts, clothes, and souvenirs to temp your pocketbook.

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