Getaway to Fun in the Sun: A Weekend in Tampa

We’ve all been at a point in our lives where we just need a break from the day-to-day stress. For at least a couple of days, everyone deserves to exchange their worries for fun, and a Weekend in Tampa is perfect for this. In this post, we´ll be seeing things to do when visiting Tampa on a weekend.

So, pack plenty of sunscreens and your bathing suit as we’re going to have some fun in the sun!

A Weekend in Tampa

Now as a first tip, I can tell you that most of South Florida, Tampa included, can be a bit challenging when it comes to transportation, as distances tend to be quite enormous between each place, and public transport options are rather limited. So, when planning your Weekend in Tampa escapade, you should take transport into account. Booking a rental car is a great option as it allows you to explore your destination at your own pace, not to mention that there are many options to get a rental car at a very low price. Now without further ado let’s begin!

La Segunda Central Bakery

Now let’s assume that you get to Tampa on a Saturday early in the morning, so, our first stop should be one of the best places in all of Tampa to have a nice breakfast! After all, nothing opens up the appetite quite like a long trip! And so, we´ll be seeing a La Segunda Central Bakery, a place with a picturesque history and one of the most beloved bread recipes in all of Tampa.

A Weekend in Tampa

This bakery started in the 19th century as the dream of Juan Moré, a soldier from the Spanish-American war in Cuba who brought back his love for authentic Cuban bread into Tampa. Moré’s descendants continued with the work and now La Segunda has 4 generations' worth of bread-making tradition! Each loaf of bread is handmade with a special Cuban recipe that includes a palmetto leaf to help the crusty bread to maintain moisture after the baking process.

At the bakery, you can find a wide arrangement of baked goods all of them quite tasty, however, their specialty is Cuban sandwiches so be sure not to miss them when visiting. You can find this place at 2512 N 15th St. which is not that far from the airport making it the best place to start your Weekend in Tampa.

Busch Gardens

So, now that breakfast is out of the way, let’s continue our trip with one of Tampa’s most remarkable attractions: Busch Gardens. Now I know this is kind of a commonplace attraction here in Tampa, but it’s quite fun, and I believe that that’s what matters when you’re trying to escape your tedious routine.

A Weekend in Tampa

Busch Gardens is one of America’s most iconic theme parks, this one opened in 1959, and after 61 years it stays one of Tampa’s most visited sites. Here you´ll find both accelerating rides and impressive wildlife exhibitions, such as the Serengeti Plain, in which animals roam free on a replica of their natural habitat. When it comes to roller coasters, your adrenal glands won’t be disappointed either, as you´ll face 51-mile-an-hour drops and heart-razing loops and turns on each of the roller coasters.

It only takes a 16-minute drive to get there from La Segunda Central Bakery, so you can go there after breakfast on your Weekend in Tampa, but be sure to get early as it tends to get crowded.

Hillsborough River State Park

Let’s say that you’re not really into theme parks and you’d prefer to have a more outdoors type of adventure during your escapade to Tampa. Well, in that case, I got you covered. Hillsborough River State Park offers a really cool nature site to visit during your stay in Tampa. It’s been said that this is one of the last remnants of what Florida used to look like before the theme parks and resorts came along.

A Weekend in Tampa

Here you´ll find many breathtaking sights of bayous and wetlands along with many hiking trails and camping sites. If you’re a history buff then you´ll be happy to know that from time to time there are reenactments of the Seminole Wars in here.

Now, this state park is not in Tampa proper, so you´ll have to do some driving to get there, but don’t worry, at most, it’s a 35-minute drive. Again, do have in mind your transportation as you plan your Weekend in Tampa. Rent a car if you can, as it’s the simplest and less problematic transportation option.

A Sunday Morning of Relaxation at Ben T. Davis Beach

So, Saturday has come and gone either with Busch Garden’s excitement or the state park’s natural beauty, and now the second and last day of our Weekend in Tampa comes down so… ¿What is there to do on so little time? Well, there is still a little place to visit before we go and that is Ben T. Davis Public Beach.

A Weekend in Tampa

This is a quaint and small beach park that’s right next to the airport, but not close enough for planes to be bothersome, perfect for enjoying one last morning at the beach. Now have in mind that this is not a very big beach, but it has all that you need for fun including a volleyball court and multiple sea-view restaurants such as the Rusty Pelican and Whiskey Joes.

And there you have it, next time you need a little weekend fun come to Tampa, believe this is just the start of your Weekend in Tampa!

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