The Best Places to Visit in July: Top Summer Holiday Destinations

Best Places to Visit in July

As the summer heat intensifies in July, many travelers seek refuge in cooler mountain towns or beachside escapes. The good news is there are many exciting places to visit in July, from the cultural capitals of Europe to exotic tropical islands. Here are some of the best places to travel in July for a memorable summer getaway.

The Greek Islands: Santorini and Mykonos

Best Places to Visit in July

The picturesque Greek islands are at their most stunning in July, with hot weather ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and yachting. Santorini and Mykonos are two of the most popular places to visit in July, offering a perfect mix of natural beauty and vibrant nightlife. You can go beach hopping during the day, then enjoy a romantic dinner with stunning sunset views in the evening. The whitewashed buildings and blue-domed churches provide a quintessential Greek backdrop for your summer photos.

The Tuscan Countryside, Italy

Best Places to Visit in July

Tuscany's rolling hills offer a splendid getaway in July, ideal for those seeking respite from bustling crowds. This picturesque destination stands out as one of the finest locations to enjoy a vacation. Rent a villa in the countryside, and go dine al fresco at charming family-run trattorias. Some of the most scenic towns like San Gimignano, Volterra, and Cortona offer a glimpse into traditional Tuscan life. You can go hiking in the Val d'Orcia, visit medieval churches, or just relax at your private pool with a glass in hand. The warm weather is perfect for outdoor exploring by day, followed by evening strolls as the sun sets over the cypress trees.

The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Best Places to Visit in July

With its stunning beaches and Mediterranean charm, Croatia's Dalmatian Coast is one of the best holiday destinations in July. You can island hop to secluded beaches, explore historic walled cities like Dubrovnik, and go sailing on the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is another must-see, with scenic waterfalls and hiking trails. The freshness of the seafood is unparalleled, accompanied by the warm hospitality of the locals, while the European coastline unveils its breathtaking beauty. For a cheap place to travel in July, Croatia offers good value for money compared to other European destinations.

The Pacific Northwest, USA

Best Places to Visit in July

For natural scenery, the Pacific Northwest is one of the best places to go in July. You can spot whales in the San Juan Islands, go hiking in Olympic National Park or Mount Rainier, and explore charming towns like Port Townsend and Leavenworth. Seattle and Portland offer great food, culture, and nightlife in between outdoor adventures. The summer weather is mild, making it ideal for activities like cycling, kayaking, or camping under starry skies. With rugged coastlines, evergreen forests, and mountain vistas, the Pacific Northwest is a perfect escape from the heat.

Cape Town, South Africa

Best Places to Visit in July

In July, Cape Town emerges as a top-notch destination, renowned for its exquisite Mediterranean climate and awe-inspiring natural landscapes. This marvelous city of South Africa captivates visitors from around the globe, inviting them to revel in its unparalleled beauty. You can go penguin spotting at Boulders Beach, take a cable car up Table Mountain, go wine tasting in the Winelands, and drive the scenic Chapman's Peak Drive. The V&A Waterfront has great shopping and dining, while Long Street offers a vibrant nightlife.

 Some tips for your trip:

  • July falls within the dry season, so you'll have little chance of rain. Pack light, summery clothing.
  • The best way to explore is to rent a car and go on a self-drive tour of the Cape Peninsula. Stop whenever you want for photos or activities.
  • For a unique experience, take a township tour to learn about the local culture. But go with a reputable tour operator who gives back to the community.
  • The coastline near Cape Town has great white shark cage diving if you're feeling adventurous! But only use licensed operators to ensure sustainable practices.
  • Don't miss the delicious local cuisine, like boerewors sausages, bunny chow, and potjiekos stew. And South African wine is world-class.

In summary, whether you're looking for a beachy escape, an adventure in nature, or a vibrant city trip, there are many exciting options for the best places to visit in July. So prepare your luggage, clutch your camera tightly, and brace yourself for an unforgettable summer vacation.