Top Reasons To Have Your Wedding On A Cruise

Wedding On A Cruise

If you want your special day to be different than the typical wedding, one thing that you can make a major impact on is the venue. Think about it; a fresh breeze blowing right by you, and you are standing by your best mate in life. Here is why having a wedding on a cruise ship is such a spectacular idea.

Top Reasons To Have Your Wedding On A Cruise

It Is Unique

Weddings at sea are slightly different than ceremonies conducted on land. No two cruise weddings are the same. This is because this unconventional option lets you be flexible and innovative with how you want the special day to proceed.

The only common thing about these is that you get to say your vows at a scenic and peaceful spot, one that definitely stands out as an extraordinary memory.

It Is Romantic

We all know there is something special about the sea. This is also why so many honeymooners are drawn to beachside vacations. The sea has the power to bewitch anyone with a sense of adventure and freedom, which means that you won’t be one of the couples who have to worry about cold feet.

Another plus is the backdrop. It keeps shifting from a beautiful sunset to gorgeous islands that adorn the landscape. Forget about hiring a creative consultant for decorating the venue, the pictures will be equally amazing.

Wedding On A Cruise

Its More Private than You Think

You can charter a ship to include only you and your guests. If you want to have a small wedding but want to make it special even better, you will love the isolation of it all and the intimacy you have with your hubby/wife-to-be. It’s literally being in the middle of an ocean with no one but your loved ones.

It Counts As a Destination Wedding

… Except there is no hassle of airports or commute time; it is just as exciting as planning a destination wedding, but a bit more convenient for both you and your guests. The best part is that if you need a specific item on your wedding day, it can be arranged for before the cruise leaves the dock. A destination wedding, on the other hand, has its limits to the options you can avail.

Many cruise lines offer activities like swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. You can even book a hall inside where you can dance the day away. After the experience, the crew will safely return you back to the port. You don’t even have to worry about any luggage either.

The Photographs

Your photographs from your wedding will be beautiful thanks to the breathtaking natural beauty around you. You can always ask the photographer you are hiring whether they have experience shooting on top of a cruise. They usually will have tons of creative ideas of how the shoot can take place. There are so many similar photographs of weddings on land, why not have them in a much better location.

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