Best Beach In Asia, the Andaman Islands, India

Andaman Islands, India

With pristine beaches, clear blue waters, and romantic sunsets, the Andaman Islands in India make a great destination. It is one of India’s top honeymoon destinations and is also home to the best beach in Asia, Radhanagar Beach (voted by Trip Advisor).

The quaint island situated at a distance from the Indian mainland can be reached by ship or flight. The fact that the island is a little cut off both by distance and a little by connectivity makes it a perfect holiday destination. You do have local mobile networks but if you delve in deep, you’ll love to be selectively off the grid and not have anyone disturb your romantic getaway.

Valentine’s Day comes at a time when the season on the islands is simply perfect. A little cold, a little warm when the sunlight feels nice and pleasant during the day. This is why you need to book your Andaman tour package in advance because the bookings get filled up really fast.

Andaman is home to some lovely beaches. If you move away from the touristy one, you’ll be able to find a nice quiet beach where you can walk together hand in hand, enjoy the sunset and rekindle your romance.  Here are some other ideas besides the beach:

Andaman Islands, India

Indulge in scuba dives together, Andaman is a perfect destination for underwater activities with the sea offering spectacular coral sights. There are many distant locations where you can not only take scuba lessons but also get certified. What better than doing it together with your partner!

Chose one of the three mountains to hike,  one to the top of Mount Harriet, the other at Saddle Peak, and the third to reach the Hut Bay waterfalls. Treks allow you to enjoy nature at a leisurely pace. It’s an amazing activity for couples to do together.

Explore some interesting natural wonders together.  The limestone caves in Andaman are quite an interesting sight with both stalactites and stalagmites in the distant cave. The mud volcanos too are quite an interesting phenomenon. To reach both these places you’ll have to take a two-hour drive through the scenic Andaman rainforest and then a ferry and then a motorboat through the mangroves. It’s one time when the journey is as amazing as the destination.

Andaman Islands, India

Bird-watching together is a cool destination for birding enthusiasts. The Chidiyatapu or ‘bird island’ is one of the favorite hangout spots. In addition to this, it also has a Parrot Island which is home to thousands of parrots.

Andaman isn’t just a beach destination. There’s a lot to do and see. And what better time than Valentine’s day to have a vacation that’ll rejuvenate both of you.

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