Explore peninsula papagayo one fun day trip at a time

Explore peninsula Papagayo

Peninsula Papagayo is Costa Rica’s premier playground for adventurous travelers. It’s a place where you can explore different stunning attractions each day. This guide has great information about activities that are worth trying around Papagayo, hotel suggestions, and food options.

Details About Peninsula Papagayo

Peninsula Papagayo covers over 1,400 acres of natural beauty. The entire area is surrounded by eco-parklands, which account for 500,000 acres. Peninsula Papagayo is the destination of a lifetime for thrill-seekers and nature lovers. It’s home to four World Heritage sites certified by UNESCO. The area is full of isolated beaches, uninhibited wildlife, and breathtaking biological corridors showing what undisturbed nature looks like.

Activities in Papagayo

There are many opportunities to go on educational adventures in Papagayo. Most journeys are done in groups on land and beyond the coast.

Camp Jaguar is a place where teens and kids can enjoy the great outdoors. Everyone can take advantage of programs and activities that are created by the staff.

Multiple vendors in Papagayo provide diving gear for underwater adventures. Underwater dive sessions are thrilling because they begin in key areas that are populated with fish and corals.

By Culebra Bay, there are spots where you can drift around the ocean on a paddleboard. The best time to try this activity is shortly after the sun sets because the atmosphere will stand out. If possible, schedule a paddle adventure at twilight during a seasonal upwelling. During this time, soft light beams from the sky will shine directly on the Gulf of Papagayo.

Canoeing in Papagayo is a great way to build endurance and strength. Along the way, you’ll spot marine animals swimming around your canoe until you reach the coastline.

Mountain biking adventures in Papagayo take place on various paths and trails near the coast. These trips are very convenient because a pro bike guide manages everything.

The Horizontes Experimental Forest is a great place to ride an ATV. This location has a rugged terrain with thick grass and trails that have gravel, dirt, and mud. You can explore these environments confidently in an ATV that has all-terrain wheels and a durable roof.

Explore peninsula Papagayo

Peninsula Papagayo Events

Papagayo events give travelers opportunities to learn about traditions. For example, there is a festival that focuses on Papagayo food and lasso techniques. There are also villages where travelers can study Chorotega-style designs on a variety of pots.

Where to Stay

The Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo offers great amenities for Papagayo guests. Following your day’s adventures, you can unwind in a luxury spa. The multiple on-site dining options are perfect for family-friendly meals or romantic getaways.

If you want to stay at a hotel near the edge of the peninsula, the Four Seasons Resort is in a prime spot. It’s located on an elevated perch that gives you a great view of the Pacific Ocean. It offers relaxing amenities for couples and families alike.


Poro Poro Restaurant and Restaurant Chao Pescao are very close to one another on the peninsula. Both of these spots have a practical menu that features tasty food. If you’re going to book a suite at the Four Seasons, stop by Prieta Beach Club as well since it’s located by the resort.

Throughout Costa Rica, there are dozens of places where travelers can have fun every day. Because there are multiple Papagayo Costa Rica hotels by the coast, the process of accessing the best activities won’t be challenging.

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