Maui’s Best Fish Market Seafood Restaurants

Maui’s Best Fish Market Seafood Restaurants

Maui has some of the best seafood eateries in the country. If you’re looking for the best Maui seafood restaurants, then you’re in luck. Below are four of the best ones.

Mama’s Fish House

Mama’s Fish House can be found in Paia and it is open daily. You can dine there between 11am and 9pm but do check opening and closing times if you plan on eating there on a holiday. Also, if you want to get a decent seat, then it’s recommended that you make a reservation.

You can order an array of seafood dishes here. However, do try the fish because the restaurant is known for its Hawaiian fish. The fish is caught on a regular basis by their fishermen, and it is brought fresh to them. This means you can rest assured you’ll be eating some of the finest and freshest fish around.

On Google, there are thousands of reviews. They maintain nearly five out of five stars on Google. If you want to dine at one of the best seafood restaurants in Maui, then give Mama’s Fish House a try.

Kimo’s Maui

Kimo’s Maui is one of the most affordable seafood restaurants in Maui. They have been around for over 40 years and throughout that time they have helped locals and guests create many memories. If you want to make your own memories and enjoy sipping on drinks and dining on good food along the waters of Maui, then make sure you try Kimo’s Maui.

From various shrimp dishes and salads to fresh fish and burgers, as well as much more, you can find it all at Kimo’s Maui. It doesn’t matter what kind of seafood you’re craving or how picky you are, the chances are you’ll find something you’ll love at the restaurant. Not only is the food menu impressive, but there are various wines and cocktails for you to choose from too.

Down the Hatch

The third restaurant to make it onto our list is Down The Hatch, which is considered a casual seafood restaurant that services cocktails. Don’t worry about spending too much money here because their prices are more than fair. After you enjoy a nice meal, do try the dessert and consider getting some shaved ice.

The restaurant has long hours too. Feel free to pop in as early as 7:30am for breakfast or late afternoon for lunch, or you can pop in after midnight because they close at 2am. They are open for business seven days per week.

The menu is extensive, the food tastes good and the atmosphere is lively. Let’s not forget to mention that there are dozens upon dozens of positive reviews written about them. If you’re looking for a great place that serves good seafood, then look no further than Down The Hatch.

Tante’s Fish Market Bar & Grill

One of Maui’s newest Seafood restaurants in Maalaea Harbor with an absolutely stunning view of the harbor. The restaurant's inside décor is amazing and creates an incredible atmosphere.

The menu is quite extensive and features fresh fish market seafood along with some local favorites. They are also known for their excellent poke bowls. Tante’s Fish Market Bar & Grill has one of the island's longest-running happy hours featuring great food and drink specials.

One of their unique traits is their late-night activity. This is the spot for late Friday and Saturday entertainment from great dancing and live music. There just aren’t many late-night options on Maui and Tante’s Fish Market definitely fills that void, while other restaurants begin closing they transform into a late-night spot.

If you’re visiting the aquarium or going on a boat tour at the harbor stop in and check out one of Maui’s best fish markets & seafood restaurants.

Those are the four best Maui seafood restaurants. The next time you’re in Maui or anywhere in Hawaii, make sure to visit one of those restaurants. Trust us when we say you’ll love the seafood served at them.

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