74th Summer Festival in Dubrovnik 2023 – The Pearl of the Adriatic

Summer Festival in Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik isn’t called “The Pearl of the Adriatic” for no reason. Situated on the beautiful Dalmatian coast, since the 13th century Dubrovnik has been an important Mediterranean sea power with rich history and cultural life. Over time, it has managed to preserve its gorgeous palaces, monasteries, and other similar historical and architectural monuments. As an incredibly well-preserved example of a medieval Mediterranean city, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Europe, especially for the last couple of decades.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival was founded in 1950. to revive the Renaissance and baroque atmosphere, theater, and literary heritage of Dubrovnik, while at the same time providing an opportunity to breathe new life into the city's artistic and festive existence. As a cultural center of this part of the Mediterranean Sea and the Dalmatian coast itself, Dubrovnik has become the perfect breeding ground for world-known artists and ensembles to manifest their work in front of an audience. The festival repertoire has over time become an instrument for channeling and reflecting the city's history through plays, performances, and concerts all set in its natural architectural and cultural surroundings, making this festival one of a kind in the world.

Summer Festival in Dubrovnik

74th Summer Festival in Dubrovnik program

74th Dubrovnik Summer Festival from 10 July to 25 August

Dubrovnik Summer Festival hosts a variety of open-air performances from plays and concerts to recitals, thus providing a unique experience for every tourist who decides to pay a visit to this ancient Mediterranean city. A must-see on your holiday Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the perfect opportunity to experience the Mediterranean and its cultural life as it once was. Whether you’re into theater, ballet, dance, or music, Dubrovnik Summer Festival has something for everyone and will equally leave everyone who visits it in awe.

Classical music, contemporary drama, best ballet ensembles from all around the world, circus theater, opera – you name it, Dubrovnik Summer Festival has it all and offers you the best possible experience of this kind in the world, as one of the largest cultural manifestations in all of Europe. The opening of the festival on July 10 will feature a concert by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra performing works by Mozart and Tchaikovsky. The orchestra will be joined by renowned Croatian pianist Martina Filjak. Other musical highlights include a concert by Italian opera singer Cecilia Bartoli, a performance by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and shows by pop stars like Sting and Lenny Kravitz.

In addition to the music program, the festival will include theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and film screenings. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is renowned for its stunning venues, including Fort Lovrijenac, a cliffside fort that hosts many theatrical performances. With its charming cobblestone streets, baroque architecture, and Mediterranean setting, Dubrovnik provides a perfect backdrop for this world-class cultural event. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival showcases the best of Croatia's artistic heritage while bringing in top talent from around the globe.

Summer Festival in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opening

As a one of a kind place in the world, Dubrovnik is definitely the perfect tourist destination for all of you who want a unique experience that will stay in your memory forever. Off course, The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the perfect manifestation of everything this ancient city has to offer, and needless to say, this festival is very popular among tourists from the whole world, so we recommend you find your apartment in Dubrovnik as soon as possible. After you do that you’re on your way to having the best holiday of your life, a holiday you will always remember and tell all of your friends and family about. Once you visit Dubrovnik, you’ll always come back, because nothing compares to what this city has to offer.

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