Essential Tips for Travelling to Quebec

Travelling to Quebec

Quebec is the second-most populous province of Canada. As such, it’s a popular travel destination. But a lot of people go there with a few misconceptions or don’t come quite prepared for their stay.

Here are some of the things you need to know before you head off to Quebec. We’ll also share some tips with you to help you enjoy your time there!

French is the Official Language

Quebec is in Canada, yes. But have you ever noticed how French that province sounds? Quebec? Well, that’s because most of its population speaks French. And I don’t mean “as a second language”. French is the official language of Quebec, and an estimated 80% of the population speaks French as their first language. This means that it might be worth knowing a bit of French before you head off!

Of course, it will be easier for a non-French speaker to get around in Quebec than it would be for them to get around in France. And most tourists to France don’t speak more than five words of the language! So you may be okay. But don’t get angry when people aren’t speaking your language.

Winter is Cold… and Summer is Hot

Okay, that subheading may have sounded like me pointing out the obvious about the weather in general. But one of the things that really strike people about Canada is how extreme the temperature variations can be from season to season. Ever notice that the northernmost states of the USA get really hot in summer and painfully cold in winter? States like New York, Washington, and Minnesota? Well, go farther up north into Canada and it’s much the same.

You need to be fully prepared for what the weather is going to throw at you in Quebec. Expect a lot of snow in the winter and bring a good supply of sunscreen in summer!

Prepare for Activities!

Quebec is home to the world-famous Mont-Tremblant National Park. (Though I feel I should point out that it’s actually a provincial park, not a national one!) This park is absolutely loaded with things to do, especially since it covers such a wide range of landscapes.

Mont Tremblant Quebec is one of the province’s most popular accommodation points. It has a lot to do with the range of activities on offer. Hiking, skiing, swimming – it’s all here! So research this park thoroughly and see what activities you’d like to do. Ensure that you come prepared for them!

Travelling to Quebec

It has one of the Finest World Heritage Sites Around

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the places in the world with particular cultural significance. A place that has been given this honor is considered to be so beloved that it is in the international interest to preserve it! There are, of course, loads of World Heritage Sites in Canada. But Quebec has a particularly special one that you should definitely check out.

Old Québec is a beautiful historic neighborhood found in Quebec City. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the entire country, with many of its 17th-century features still intact. It’s an essential trip back in time!