5 Amazing Cities Worldwide You Wouldn't Think to Visit

Amazing Cities Worldwide

The world is a massive place. A common turn of phrase is that “it’s a small world after all.” Disney popularized that saying. Attitudes to the size of the Earth changed when we discovered just how vast and beautiful our universe is. Sure, our Earth is quite small in comparison to the totality. But for us, the Earth isn’t small. In fact, you will never be able to explore all of its wonder in your life. That’s a good thing. If you’re doing it right, you should never be bored, even with the most burning passions of wanderlust inside you.

This list is for those who have traveled to all the destinations that you’d initially expect to sightsee but just weren’t enough to satisfy your traveling bug. The overlooked cities featured here offer some of the most fun cultural quirks for you to enjoy, however, so make sure to visit them once in your life. Maybe the world will seem much larger than you initially thought.

Leeds, UK

Leeds is the third-largest metropolitan district in England and one of the largest in Northern England. Leeds is a popular hotspot for those traveling the North thanks to its well-established nightlife culture, amazing city shopping districts, and awesome sporting heritage. While the city center itself is relatively small, you can get lost for weeks enjoying it all.

Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao Spain is a beautiful city and sports the Guggenheim Museum, home to some of the most amazing modern art in the country. It’s truly worth a visit to this stunning town, with a vast heritage and friendly, passionate locals.

Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim has one of the most beautiful architectural setups in the world. A university town surrounded by farmland, Trondheim locals are famed for being welcoming to tourists and sporting amazing beer and great food. If you’re looking to give Norway a go but feel like exploring outside of Oslo, Trondheim is the place to be.

Portland OH, USA

Portland is a youthful city filled with a vibrant restaurant and street food culture. Portland is quickly becoming one of the places to watch for hip communities as its contributions to music, food, and nightlife are unparalleled in neighboring cities. If you’re looking for a perfect, memorable US city to explore and reside in for as long as you can, visit Portland as soon as you can.

Pittsburgh PA, USA

Pittsburgh has an interesting tale behind its modern presence. 30 years ago, while the steel mills and manufacturing culture was deteriorating thanks to the US becoming more of a service economy, the councils of Pittsburgh decided to embed a strong investment in its arts and culture programs. What resulted from this is one of the most interesting art scenes anywhere in the Western world. Pittsburgh is consistently ranked as the city with one of the happiest US populaces, as it’s cheap to live there, has outstanding beauty, and has a vibrant youth culture. It’s a diverse place you can really get lost in.

What are you waiting for? Sometimes all the enjoyment you need lies just off of the beaten path.

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